Crick symposia

1st Crick Symposium, 2nd July 2012

1st Crick Symposium, 2nd July 2012

The Crick organises three symposia each year with national and international speakers in a scientific area relevant to the Crick's work. The events promote collaborative working and high quality science among Crick partner organisations and raise the profile of the Crick externally.

To view the full programme for previous symposia, click on the titles below.  

Metabolism in health and disease [PDF]

Infection and immunity [PDF]

Genetics to molecules to therapies [PDF]

Engineering and exploring the cell-material interface [PDF]

DNA repair and genomic instability [PDF]

Rare Diseases [PDF]

New Frontiers in Optical Microscopy [PDF]

Tissue Stem Cells - diversities of identities and functions [PDF]

Biophysics and bioengineering across scales: from molecules to tissues [PDF]

Nutrition and the developmental origins of health and disease [PDF]

Mutidiscliplinary approaches to research at the Crick [PDF]


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  • Crick symposia bring together people from a range of scientific disciplines.
  • Forthcoming symposia are advertised on our events page along with details of how to register.