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'Open for Dicovery', our current exhibition, features the work of Crick scientists John McCauley and Peter Rosenthal. Scroll down for detailed information about their current research, related news stories and events, and recommended reading.

Science in conversation: Influenza

Featured scientist: John McCauley

John McCauley in the Crick Worldwide Influenza Centre

John McCauley in the Crick Worldwide Influenza Centre (Click to view larger image)
© Ben Gilbert / 2017 / Wellcome

John McCauley is the director of the Worldwide Influenza Centre, the laboratory investigating the determinants of host range restriction of avian and swine influenza viruses that limit their ability to infect and propagate in human cells.

Established in 1948, the Worldwide Influenza Centre is now based at the Francis Crick Institute and works with World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centres for reference and research on Influenza.

These centres, together with some 143 National Influenza Centres in 113 countries, comprise the WHO Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System.

Read more about the research of the Worldwide Influenza Centre.

Featured scientist: Peter Rosenthal

Peter Rosenthal in the Structural Biology of Cells and Viruses Laboratory

Peter Rosenthal in the Structural Biology of Cells and Viruses Laboratory, with a cryomicroscope (Click to view larger image)
© Ben Gilbert / 2017 / Wellcome

Peter Rosenthal is Group Leader of the Structural Biology of Cells and Viruses Laboratory. His group studies the architecture of large protein assemblies in order to understand basic molecular mechanisms that control protein and membrane traffic in the cell and in virus infection.

Read more about the research of the Structural Biology of Cells and Viruses Laboratory.

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  • World Immunology Day: Collaborating to Beat Lung Infections and Asthma
    Friday 5 May, 7 - 9:30pm


    Why do some people exposed to allergens like pollen and pet dander develop asthma, while others do not? Why do some people infected by the same bacteria and viruses go on to develop diseases such as tuberculosis or flu?

    These are questions that fascinate scientists at the Crick and beyond so to mark the International Day of Immunology 2017 join the Francis Crick Institute and Nature Research at this free panel discussion.

    Join us for a lively discussion followed by a free drinks reception where you can chat to our panellists in a more relaxed setting. Book your free place.

Recent news stories

Read further stories relating to influenza research at the Crick.

Suggested Reading


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Other sources

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