Community Chest

We are keen to support community projects that benefit people living locally.

The Crick's Community Chest, supported by the Rangoonwala Foundation, provides grants of up to £3,000 to local community organisations and groups for projects that help improve health and wellbeing in the local area. The funding can be used to set up something new or to develop existing activities.

Since 2011 we have supported more than 30 community projects. We have funded everything from support groups, employability workshops and an interview 'clothes bank' to football teams, local gardening groups and exercise classes for older people. See below for information about some of these projects.

If you have a great idea for a community project but are struggling to find the money to make it happen then we may be able to help.

To be eligible for funding the project must take place within a one-mile radius of the Crick - 1 Midland Road, London NW1 1AT.

If your organisation/group wants to apply for funding, download the  application form and the accompanying guidance for applicants.

For more information call 020 379 60000 or email 

Young people at Walker House Youth Club

Young people at Walker House Youth Club.

  1. Walker House Youth Club

    Funding from the Crick's Community Chest enabled Walker House Residents' Association to run a twice-weekly Youth Club.

    Two Youth Workers were on hand one evening a week to help children with their homework. The other evening was dedicated to helping the young people learn new skills, gain confidence and make new friends. Activities included supervised cookery lessons and T-shirt design.


  2. Hopscotch Asian Women’s Centre

    A Community Chest grant helped Hopscotch set up and run weekly exercise classes and awareness sessions on a range of health-related issues for Asian and Bangladeshi women over 50. By removing the cultural and language barriers preventing local Asian women from joining other exercise classes in the area, Hopscotch is helping participants stay mobile and independent.

    To find out more about activities at Hopscotch Asian Women's Centre, email, phone 020 7388 8198 or go to


  3. Cooper’s Lane Communal Garden

    The first Community Chest grant was awarded to Cooper's Lane Tenants' and Residents' Association (TRA). The funding was used to put a pond and new plants in the garden which was created by local residents several years ago.

    Residents are now growing their own fruit and vegetables in the garden, which is linked to the tenants' hall. The TRA plans to make one of the plots available to local schoolchildren and wants to get a team of volunteers together who are interested in gardening.

    To find out about Cooper's Lane communal garden, call 020 7388 8114.


  4. Scene & Heard

    Through a Community Chest award, Scene & Heard is working with a group of primary school children from Somers Town, helping them to write their very own plays - and see them performed by professional actors.

    Funding ensured the children have had intensive, quality one-on-one attention from volunteer theatre professionals as they develop their plays. As well as improving literacy, the project aims to boost each child's self-esteem and allows families and teachers to celebrate the children's success.

    To find out more about Scene & Heard go to


  5. Regent Rovers Football Club

    Lack of opportunity and funding means that many talented footballers stop playing when they reach 16 years old. Funding from the Community Chest enabled Regent Rovers FC to join a men's football league. With local team members between 16 and 21 years old drawn from Hampden Youth Club and Regent High sixth form, we wish them the best of luck for the 2013-2014 season.

    Contact Regent Rovers Football Club on 020 7388 0782 to find out more.


  6. Coram Lifebus

    With support from this fund, Coram Life Education parked its Lifebus, a mobile classroom, outside Edith Neville School for two days in January. Around 200 children aged 4 to 11 years enjoyed interactive sessions covering skills, knowledge and attitudes to health, and drug education.


  7. The Super Connect Club

    The Crick's Community Chest fund supports the Super Connect Club run by the  King's Cross-Brunswick Neighbourhood Association   - which aims to encourage and empower older people to learn to use computers and connect with loved ones. The club aims to reduce loneliness and social isolation, improve their health and wellbeing and increase members' access to online services. It's an intergenerational project, bringing together local young and older people in a friendly, creative and safe environment.

    To find out more, phone 020 7278 5635,  email , or go to King's Cross-Brunswick Neighbourhood Association