Community benefits

To make sure that the local community benefits from the Francis Crick Institute's presence in the area, we listened to the views of local residents and agreed a benefits package with Camden Council worth almost £10 million.

We are providing community facilities, supporting science education in local schools and colleges, and offering training and work opportunities to people living locally. We have also funded projects to improve local homes and the environment.

  1. Community facilities

    The Living Centre, opening in 2017, will be a vibrant, inclusive and well-used community space. Run by a group of community organisations, it will provide a range of affordable services to help improve health and wellbeing.

    There is a 450-seat auditorium inside the institute which local organisations may use at agreed times.

    In Conversation with Conrad Shawcross

    In Conversation with Conrad Shawcross event held in the Crick's auditorium ©Wellcome Images



  2. Science education

    Our education outreach programme incorporates hands-on investigation, discussion events, work experience and teacher training. Many of these activities take place in the Weston Discovery Lab, a purpose-built space for school students in the Crick, or our Discovery Zone, at nearby Regent High School.

    We also run an ambitious public engagement with science programme that includes community-focused projects.

    Women in STEM event organised by the Crick's Education Outreach team ©Wellcome Images

    Women in STEM event organised by the Crick's Education Outreach team ©Wellcome Images


  3. Jobs and training

    We provide support to give Camden residents the skills needed for jobs and apprenticeships.

    Our apprenticeship scheme for Camden residents is under development and will launch in 2017.

    We are in the process of developing links with local businesses to encourage those working at the Crick to use their businesses and services. 


  4. Homes

    The Crick gave £1.7 million to Camden Council to improve local council housing through Camden's Better Homes programme.

    A range of internal improvements were made to tenants' homes on the Ossulston Estate. The work was managed by Camden Council and tailored for each property to make sure investment was targeted at those homes in the greatest need. Improvements included new kitchens and bathrooms, electrical and heating works, asbestos surveys, asbestos removal and fire doors.

    We also gave £3.8 million towards Camden's new district energy centre to supply cheaper heat and power to local homes.


  5. Environment

    We provided £360,000 for community policing and safety measures.

    The Crick funded two Safer Neighbourhood police officers during construction of the institute to support the existing Safer Neighbourhoods team in the St Pancras and Somers Town ward with managing crime and anti-social behaviour.

    We have made a number of enhancements to public open spaces, including a new pathway - Dangoor Walk - linking St Pancras International to Ossulston Street, running between the institute and the British Library.

    A computer generated view of the planned pathway between St Pancras International and Ossulston Street.

    View of the planned pathway between St Pancras International and Ossulston Street.
    © Wadsworth3D


  • We offer training and employment opportunities for people living locally and support local businesses.
  • School students across the London Borough of Camden are benefiting from our science education outreach programme.