Crick Chats

Crick Chat on Depression

Crick Chat on Depression with speakers Patricia Zunszain from King's College London, and Francois Guillemot from the Crick © Wellcome Images

Exciting new discoveries about how our bodies work are being made by scientists every day. But what exactly goes on in the lab? And what do these discoveries mean for preventing, diagnosing and treating human disease? Join us at our relaxed and friendly discussion events, Crick Chats, to find out.

Crick Chats bring you face-to-face with researchers working at the Francis Crick Institute and our partner organisations. Hear about their work, ask a burning question, or just enjoy a chat; Crick Chats are free and accessible to all.

What happens at a Crick Chat?

Each Crick Chat sees a Crick researcher in conversation with a clinician or researcher working in a related field. The audience is drawn in to the discussion through quick-fire quizzes, polls, demonstrations and Q+A sessions. Sit back and enjoy a drink or enter the debate. You can get as involved as you like.

Who are they for?

Anyone with an interest in biomedical science and the work of the Francis Crick Institute is welcome to attend. No special knowledge of science is required.

When and where?

Crick Chats take place four times a year at the Crick. To find out about Crick Chats and other events, please email asking to be added to the events mailing list, and keep an eye on  events page and  Facebook.


If you weren't able to make it to a Crick Chat then catch-up by listening to the Crick Chat podcasts on the Highlights page.