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Engaging the public is a priority for the Crick. Our size, location and profile allow us to play an important role in generating excitement and interest in science. We also have an opportunity to help promote health and wellbeing in the local area.

Our engagement covers a wide range of audiences: people living, working or studying within a mile of the Crick; people with an interest, but no specialist knowledge, in science; students and teachers from schools in Camden and neighbouring boroughs; and special interest groups, such as patients, funders, politicians and opinion formers.

Our innovative and inclusive public engagement with science programme is designed to engage, enlighten and inspire people of all ages and levels of understanding of science. We create opportunities for people to learn about, and discuss, biomedical research and why it matters to our health, the economy, and society.

By working in partnership with the local community, we have an opportunity to engage people with the institute's work and help improve the health and wellbeing of those living in the area. We have built relationships with many local residents and organisations, and their input has helped shape our community engagement programme.

Our education outreach programme fosters children's engagement with science and science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) professionals. The young people we work with will have the chance to take part in Crick activities and meet our staff and collaborators every year of their school career, from the early years at primary school to A Level and BTEC.

  • The Francis Crick Institute aims to connect public audiences with the latest research through education outreach, community partnerships, events and exhibitions. 
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