Light Microscopy: Publications

  • Martin, KJ; McGhee, EJ; Schwarz, JP; Drysdale, M; Brachmann, SM; Stucke, V; Sansom, OJ and Anderson, KI (2018)
    Accepting from the best donor; analysis of long-lifetime donor fluorescent protein pairings to optimise dynamic FLIM-based FRET experiments.
    PLOS ONE 13, e0183585 PubMed abstract
  • Nicole, O; Bell, DM; Leste-Lasserre, T; Doat, H; Guillemot, F and Pacary, E (2018)
    A novel role for CAMKIIβ in the regulation of cortical neuron migration: implications for neurodevelopmental disorders.
    Molecular Psychiatry [Epub ahead of print] PubMed abstract
  • Nobis, M; Herrmann, D; Warren, SC; Strathdee, D; Cox, TR; Anderson, KI and Timpson, P (2018)
    Shedding new light on RhoA signalling as a drug target in vivo using a novel RhoA-FRET biosensor mouse.
    Small GTPases [Epub ahead of print] PubMed abstract
  • Thadani, R; Kamenz, J; Heeger, S; Muñoz, S and Uhlmann, F (2018)
    Cell-cycle regulation of dynamic chromosome association of the condensin complex.
    Cell Reports 23, 2308-2317 PubMed abstract
  • Bell, DM (2017)
    Imaging morphogenesis.
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences 372, 20150511 PubMed abstract
  • Crockford, A; Zalmas, LP; Grönroos, E; Dewhurst, SM; McGranahan, N; Cuomo, ME; Encheva, V; Snijders, AP; Begum, J; Purewal, S; Cerveira, J; Patel, H; Renshaw, MJ and Swanton, C (2017)
    Cyclin D mediates tolerance of genome-doubling in cancers with functional p53.
    Annals of Oncology 28, 149-156 PubMed abstract
  • Kakui, Y; Rabinowitz, A; Barry, DJ and Uhlmann, F (2017)
    Condensin-mediated remodeling of the mitotic chromatin landscape in fission yeast.
    Nature Genetics 49, 1553-1557 PubMed abstract
  • Lasrado, R; Boesmans, W; Kleinjung, J; Pin, C; Bell, D; Bhaw, L; McCallum, S; Zong, H; Luo, L; Clevers, H; Vanden Berghe, P and Pachnis, V (2017)
    Lineage-dependent spatial and functional organization of the mammalian enteric nervous system.
    Science 356, 722-726 PubMed abstract
  • Nobis, M; Herrmann, D; Warren, SC; Kadir, S; Leung, W; Killen, M; Magenau, A; Stevenson, D; Lucas, MC; Reischmann, N; Vennin, C; Conway, JRW; Boulghourjian, A; Zaratzian, A; Law, AM; Gallego-Ortega, D; Ormandy, CJ; Walters, SN; Grey, ST; Bailey, J; Chtanova, T; Quinn, JMW; Baldock, PA; Croucher, PI; Schwarz, JP; Mrowinska, A; Zhang, L; Herzog, H; Masedunskas, A; Hardeman, EC; Gunning, PW; Del Monte-Nieto, G; Harvey, RP; Samuel, MS; Pajic, M; McGhee, EJ; Johnsson, A-KE; Sansom, OJ; Welch, HCE; Morton, JP; Strathdee, D; Anderson, KI and Timpson, P (2017)
    A RhoA-FRET biosensor mouse for intravital imaging in normal tissue homeostasis and disease contexts.
    Cell Reports 21, 274-288 PubMed abstract
  • Rath, N; Morton, JP; Julian, L; Helbig, L; Kadir, S; McGhee, EJ; Anderson, KI; Kalna, G; Mullin, M; Pinho, AV; Rooman, I; Samuel, MS and Olson, MF (2017)
    ROCK signaling promotes collagen remodeling to facilitate invasive pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma tumor cell growth.
    EMBO Molecular Medicine 9, 198-218 PubMed abstract
  • Vennin, C; Chin, VT; Warren, SC; Lucas, MC; Herrmann, D; Magenau, A; Melenec, P; Walters, SN; Del Monte-Nieto, G; Conway, JRW; Nobis, M; Allam, AH; McCloy, RA; Currey, N; Pinese, M; Boulghourjian, A; Zaratzian, A; Adam, AAS; Heu, C; Nagrial, AM; Chou, A; Steinmann, A; Drury, A; Froio, D; Giry-Laterriere, M; Harris, NLE; Phan, T; Jain, R; Weninger, W; McGhee, EJ; Whan, R; Johns, AL; Samra, JS; Chantrill, L; Gill, AJ; Kohonen-Corish, M; Harvey, RP; Biankin, AV; Australian Pancreatic Cancer Genome Initiative (APGI); Evans, TRJ; Anderson, KI; Grey, ST; Ormandy, CJ; Gallego-Ortega, D; Wang, Y; Samuel, MS; Sansom, OJ; Burgess, A; Cox, TR; Morton, JP; Pajic, M and Timpson, P (2017)
    Transient tissue priming via ROCK inhibition uncouples pancreatic cancer progression, sensitivity to chemotherapy, and metastasis.
    Science Translational Medicine 9, eaai8504 PubMed abstract
  • Wildenberg, ME; Koelink, PJ; Diederen, K; te Velde, AA; Wolfkamp, SCS; Nuij, VJ; Peppelenbosch, MP; Nobis, M; Sansom, OJ; Anderson, KI; van der Woude, CJ; D'Haens, GRAM and van den Brink, GR (2017)
    The ATG16L1 risk allele associated with Crohn's disease results in a Rac1-dependent defect in dendritic cell migration that is corrected by thiopurines.
    Mucosal Immunology 10, 352-360 PubMed abstract
  • Castellano, E; Molina-Arcas, M; Krygowska, AA; East, P; Warne, P; Nicol, A and Downward, J (2016)
    RAS signalling through PI3-Kinase controls cell migration via modulation of Reelin expression.
    Nature Communications 7, 11245 PubMed abstract
  • Erami, Z; Herrmann, D; Warren, SC; Nobis, M; McGhee, EJ; Lucas, MC; Leung, W; Reischmann, N; Mrowinska, A; Schwarz, JP; Kadir, S; Conway, JRW; Vennin, C; Karim, SA; Campbell, AD; Gallego-Ortega, D; Magenau, A; Murphy, KJ; Ridgway, RA; Law, AM; Walters, SN; Grey, ST; Croucher, DR; Zhang, L; Herzog, H; Hardeman, EC; Gunning, PW; Ormandy, CJ; Evans, TRJ; Strathdee, D; Sansom, OJ; Morton, JP; Anderson, KI and Timpson, P (2016)
    Intravital FRAP imaging using an E-cadherin-GFP mouse reveals disease- and drug-dependent dynamic regulation of cell-cell junctions in live tissue.
    Cell Reports 14, 152-167 PubMed abstract
  • Heanue, TA; Boesmans, W; Bell, DM; Kawakami, K; Vanden Berghe, P and Pachnis, V (2016)
    A novel zebrafish ret heterozygous model of Hirschsprung disease identifies a functional role for mapk10 as a modifier of enteric nervous system phenotype severity.
    PLOS Genetics 12, e1006439 PubMed abstract
  • Kalafatovic, D; Nobis, M; Son, J; Anderson, KI and Ulijn, RV (2016)
    MMP-9 triggered self-assembly of doxorubicin nanofiber depots halts tumor growth.
    Biomaterials 98, 192-202 PubMed abstract
  • Kumar, A; Ouyang, M; Van den Dries, K; McGhee, EJ; Tanaka, K; Anderson, MD; Groisman, A; Goult, BT; Anderson, KI and Schwartz, MA (2016)
    Talin tension sensor reveals novel features of focal adhesion force transmission and mechanosensitivity.
    Journal of Cell Biology 213, 371-383 PubMed abstract
  • Lin, Y; Gu, Y and McCauley, JW (2016)
    Optimization of a quantitative micro-neutralization assay.
    Journal of Visualized Experiments e54897 PubMed abstract
  • Patella, F; Neilson, LJ; Athineos, D; Erami, Z; Anderson, KI; Blyth, K; Ryan, KM and Zanivan, S (2016)
    In-depth proteomics identifies a role for autophagy in controlling reactive oxygen species mediated endothelial permeability.
    Journal of Proteome Research 15, 2187-2197 PubMed abstract
  • Thomas, JA; Collins, CR; Das, S; Hackett, F; Graindorge, A; Bell, D; Deu, E and Blackman, MJ (2016)
    Development and application of a simple plaque assay for the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum.
    PLOS ONE 11, e0157873 PubMed abstract
  • Anderson, KI (2015)
    Fibroblasts keep melanoma safe from harm.
    Intravital 4, e1074788 PubMed abstract
  • Cameron, JM; Gabrielsen, M; Chim, YH; Munro, J; McGhee, EJ; Sumpton, D; Eaton, P; Anderson, KI; Yin, H and Olson, MF (2015)
    Polarized cell motility induces hydrogen peroxide to inhibit cofilin via cysteine oxidation.
    Current Biology 25, 1520-1525 PubMed abstract
  • Erami, Z; Timpson, P; Yao, W; Zaidel-Bar, R and Anderson, KI (2015)
    There are four dynamically and functionally distinct populations of E-cadherin in cell junctions.
    Biology Open 4, 1481-1489 PubMed abstract
  • Garcez, PP; Diaz-Alonso, J; Crespo-Enriquez, I; Castro, D; Bell, D and Guillemot, F (2015)
    Cenpj/CPAP regulates progenitor divisions and neuronal migration in the cerebral cortex downstream of Ascl1.
    Nature Communications 6, 6474 PubMed abstract
  • Hussain, S; Miller, JL; Harvey, DJ; Gu, Y; Rosenthal, PB; Zitzmann, N and McCauley, JW (2015)
    Strain-specific antiviral activity of iminosugars against human influenza A viruses.
    Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 70, 136-152 PubMed abstract
  • Kalafatovic, D; Nobis, M; Javid, N; Frederix, PWJM; Anderson, KI; Saunders, BR and Ulijn, RV (2015)
    MMP-9 triggered micelle-to-fibre transitions for slow release of doxorubicin.
    Biomaterials Science 3, 246-249 PubMed abstract
  • Lewis, CA; Brault, C; Peck, B; Bensaad, K; Griffiths, B; Mitter, R; Chakravarty, P; East, P; Dankworth, B; Alibhai, D; Harris, AL and Schulze, A (2015)
    SREBP maintains lipid biosynthesis and viability of cancer cells under lipid- and oxygen-deprived conditions and defines a gene signature associated with poor survival in glioblastoma multiforme.
    Oncogene 34, 5128-5140 PubMed abstract
  • Lin, Y; Gu, Y; Wharton, SA; Whittaker, L; Gregory, V; Li, X; Metin, S; Cattle, N; Daniels, RS; Hay, AJ and McCauley, JW (2015)
    Optimisation of a micro-neutralisation assay and its application in antigenic characterisation of influenza viruses.
    Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses 9, 331-340 PubMed abstract
  • Masuzzo, P; Martens, L; Ampe, C; Anderson, KI; Barry, J; De Wever, O; Debeir, O; Decaestecker, C; Dolznig, H; Friedl, P; Gaggioli, C; Geiger, B; Goldberg, IG; Horn, E; Horwitz, R; Kam, Z; Le Dévédec, SE; Vignjevic, DM; Moore, J; Olivo-Marin, J-C; Sahai, E; Sansone, SA; Sanz-Moreno, V; Strömblad, S; Swedlow, J; Textor, J; Van Troys, M and Zantl, R (2015)
    An open data ecosystem for cell migration research.
    Trends in Cell Biology 25, 55-58 PubMed abstract
  • Rainero, E; Howe, JD; Caswell, PT; Jamieson, NB; Anderson, K; Critchley, DR; Machesky, L and Norman, JC (2015)
    Ligand-occupied integrin internalization links nutrient signaling to invasive migration.
    Cell Reports 10, 398-413 PubMed abstract
  • von Karstedt, S; Conti, A; Nobis, M; Montinaro, A; Hartwig, T; Lemke, J; Legler, K; Annewanter, F; Campbell, AD; Taraborrelli, L; Grosse-Wilde, A; Coy, JF; El-Bahrawy, MA; Bergmann, F; Koschny, R; Werner, J; Ganten, TM; Schweiger, T; Hoetzenecker, K; Kenessey, I; Hegedüs, B; Bergmann, M; Hauser, C; Egberts, J-H; Becker, T; Röcken, C; Kalthoff, H; Trauzold, A; Anderson, KI; Sansom, OJ and Walczak, H (2015)
    Cancer cell-autonomous TRAIL-R signaling promotes KRAS-driven cancer progression, invasion, and metastasis.
    Cancer Cell 27, 561-573 PubMed abstract
  • Brownlow, N; Pike, T; Zicha, D; Collinson, L and Parker, PJ (2014)
    Mitotic catenation is monitored and resolved by a PKCε-regulated pathway.
    Nature Communications 5, 5685 PubMed abstract
  • Ioannidou, K; Anderson, KI; Strachan, D; Edgar, JM and Barnett, SC (2014)
    Astroglial-axonal interactions during early stages of myelination in mixed cultures using in vitro and ex vivo imaging techniques.
    BMC Neuroscience 15, 59 PubMed abstract
  • Johnsson, A-KE; Dai, Y; Nobis, M; Baker, MJ; McGhee, EJ; Walker, S; Schwarz, JP; Kadir, S; Morton, JP; Myant, KB; Huels, DJ; Segonds-Pichon, A; Sansom, OJ; Anderson, KI; Timpson, P and Welch, HCE (2014)
    The Rac-FRET mouse reveals tight spatiotemporal control of Rac activity in primary cells and tissues.
    Cell Reports 6, 1153-1164 PubMed abstract
  • Lo Re, D; Zhou, Y; Nobis, M; Anderson, KI and Murphy, PV (2014)
    Synthesis of migrastatin and its macroketone analogue and in vivo FRAP analysis of the macroketone on E-cadherin dynamics.
    ChemBioChem 15, 1459-1464 PubMed abstract
  • Morran, DC; Wu, J; Jamieson, NB; Mrowinska, A; Kalna, G; Karim, SA; Au, AYM; Scarlett, CJ; Chang, DK; Pajak, MZ; Australian Pancreatic Cancer Genome Initiative (APGI); Oien, KA; McKay, CJ; Carter, CR; Gillen, G; Champion, S; Pimlott, SL; Anderson, KI; Evans, TRJ; Grimmond, SM; Biankin, AV; Sansom, OJ and Morton, JP (2014)
    Targeting mTOR dependency in pancreatic cancer.
    Gut 63, 1481-1489 PubMed abstract
  • Müllenbroich, MC; McGhee, EJ; Wright, AJ; Anderson, KI and Mathieson, K (2014)
    Strategies to overcome photobleaching in algorithm-based adaptive optics for nonlinear in-vivo imaging.
    Journal of Biomedical Optics 19, 016021 PubMed abstract
  • Murillo, MM; Zelenay, S; Nye, E; Castellano, E; Lassailly, F; Stamp, G and Downward, J (2014)
    RAS interaction with PI3K p110α is required for tumor-induced angiogenesis.
    Journal of Clinical Investigation 124, 3601-3611 PubMed abstract
  • Nobis, M; McGhee, EJ; Herrmann, D; Magenau, A; Morton, JP; Anderson, KI and Timpson, P (2014)
    Monitoring the dynamics of Src activity in response to anti-invasive dasatinib treatment at a subcellular level using dual intravital imaging.
    Cell Adhesion & Migration 8, 478-486 PubMed abstract
  • Rai, TS; Cole, JJ; Nelson, DM; Dikovskaya, D; Faller, WJ; Vizioli, MG; Hewitt, RN; Anannya, O; McBryan, T; Manoharan, I; van Tuyn, J; Morrice, N; Pchelintsev, NA; Ivanov, A; Brock, C; Drotar, ME; Nixon, C; Clark, W; Sansom, OJ; Anderson, KI; King, A; Blyth, K and Adams, PD (2014)
    HIRA orchestrates a dynamic chromatin landscape in senescence and is required for suppression of neoplasia.
    Genes & Development 28, 2712-2725 PubMed abstract
  • Castellano, E; Sheridan, C; Thin, MZ; Nye, E; Spencer-Dene, B; Diefenbacher, ME; Moore, C; Kumar, MS; Murillo, MM; Grönroos, E; Lassailly, F; Stamp, G and Downward, J (2013)
    Requirement for interaction of PI3-kinase p110α with RAS in lung tumor maintenance.
    Cancer Cell 24, 617-630 PubMed abstract
  • Haas, MA; Bell, D; Slender, A; Lana-Elola, E; Watson-Scales, S; Fisher, EMC; Tybulewicz, VLJ and Guillemot, F (2013)
    Alterations to dendritic spine morphology, but not dendrite patterning, of cortical projection neurons in Tc1 and Ts1Rhr mouse models of Down Syndrome.
    PLOS ONE 8, e78561 PubMed abstract
  • Lassailly, F; Foster, K; Lopez-Onieva, L; Currie, E and Bonnet, D (2013)
    Multimodal imaging reveals structural and functional heterogeneity in different bone marrow compartments: functional implications on hematopoietic stem cells.
    Blood 122, 1730-1740 PubMed abstract
  • Myant, KB; Cammareri, P; McGhee, EJ; Ridgway, RA; Huels, DJ; Cordero, JB; Schwitalla, S; Kalna, G; Ogg, E-L; Athineos, D; Timpson, P; Vidal, M; Murray, GI; Greten, FR; Anderson, KI and Sansom, OJ (2013)
    ROS production and NF-κB activation triggered by RAC1 facilitate WNT-driven intestinal stem cell proliferation and colorectal cancer initiation.
    Cell Stem Cell 12, 761-773 PubMed abstract
  • Nobis, M; Carragher, NO; McGhee, EJ; Morton, JP; Sansom, OJ; Anderson, KI and Timpson, P (2013)
    Advanced intravital subcellular imaging reveals vital three-dimensional signalling events driving cancer cell behaviour and drug responses in live tissue.
    FEBS Journal 280, 5177-5197 PubMed abstract
  • Nobis, M; McGhee, EJ; Morton, JP; Schwarz, JP; Karim, SA; Quinn, J; Edward, M; Campbell, AD; McGarry, LC; Evans, TRJ; Brunton, VG; Frame, MC; Carragher, NO; Wang, Y; Sansom, OJ; Timpson, P and Anderson, KI (2013)
    Intravital FLIM-FRET imaging reveals dasatinib-induced spatial control of Src in pancreatic cancer.
    Cancer Research 73, 4674-4686 PubMed abstract
  • Preisinger, C; Schwarz, JP; Bleijerveld, OB; Corradini, E; Müller, PJ; Anderson, KI; Kolch, W; Scholten, A and Heck, AJR (2013)
    Imatinib-dependent tyrosine phosphorylation profiling of Bcr-Abl-positive chronic myeloid leukemia cells.
    Leukemia 27, 743-746 PubMed abstract
  • Rosenfeldt, MT; O'Prey, J; Morton, JP; Nixon, C; MacKay, G; Mrowinska, A; Au, A; Rai, TS; Zheng, L; Ridgway, R; Adams, PD; Anderson, KI; Gottlieb, E; Sansom, OJ and Ryan, KM (2013)
    p53 status determines the role of autophagy in pancreatic tumour development.
    Nature 504, 296-300 PubMed abstract
  • von Thun, A; Preisinger, C; Rath, O; Schwarz, JP; Ward, C; Monsefi, N; Rodríguez, J; Garcia-Munoz, A; Birtwistle, M; Bienvenut, W; Anderson, KI; Kolch, W and von Kriegsheim, A (2013)
    Extracellular signal-regulated kinase regulates RhoA activation and tumor cell plasticity by inhibiting guanine exchange factor H1 activity.
    Molecular and Cellular Biology 33, 4526-4537 PubMed abstract
  • Dozynkiewicz, MA; Jamieson, NB; Macpherson, I; Grindlay, J; van den Berghe, PVE; von Thun, A; Morton, JP; Gourley, C; Timpson, P; Nixon, C; McKay, CJ; Carter, R; Strachan, D; Anderson, K; Sansom, OJ; Caswell, PT and Norman, JC (2012)
    Rab25 and CLIC3 collaborate to promote integrin recycling from late endosomes/lysosomes and drive cancer progression.
    Developmental Cell 22, 131-145 PubMed abstract
  • Ioannidou, K; Anderson, KI; Strachan, D; Edgar, JM and Barnett, SC (2012)
    Time-lapse imaging of the dynamics of CNS glial-axonal interactions in vitro and ex vivo.
    PLOS ONE 7, e30775 PubMed abstract
  • Kumar, MS; Hancock, DC; Molina-Arcas, M; Steckel, M; East, P; Diefenbacher, M; Armenteros-Monterroso, E; Lassailly, F; Matthews, N; Nye, E; Stamp, G; Behrens, A and Downward, J (2012)
    The GATA2 transcriptional network is requisite for RAS oncogene-driven non-small cell lung cancer.
    Cell 149, 642-655 PubMed abstract
  • Macintosh, RL; Timpson, P; Thorburn, J; Anderson, KI; Thorburn, A and Ryan, KM (2012)
    Inhibition of autophagy impairs tumor cell invasion in an organotypic model.
    Cell Cycle 11, 2022-2029 PubMed abstract
  • Mack, NA; Porter, AP; Whalley, HJ; Schwarz, JP; Jones, RC; Khaja, ASS; Bjartell, A; Anderson, KI and Malliri, A (2012)
    β2-syntrophin and Par-3 promote an apicobasal Rac activity gradient at cell-cell junctions by differentially regulating Tiam1 activity.
    Nature Cell Biology 14, 1169-1180 PubMed abstract
  • Mallucci, L; Shi, D-y; Davies, D; Jordan, P; Nicol, A; Lotti, L; Mariani-Costantini, R; Verginelli, F; Wells, V and Zicha, D (2012)
    Killing of Kras-mutant colon cancer cells via Rac-independent actin remodeling by the βGBP cytokine, a physiological PI3K inhibitor therapeutically effective in vivo.
    Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 11, 1884-1893 PubMed abstract
  • Pacary, E; Haas, MA; Wildner, H; Azzarelli, R; Bell, DM; Abrous, DN and Guillemot, F (2012)
    Visualization and genetic manipulation of dendrites and spines in the mouse cerebral cortex and hippocampus using in utero electroporation.
    Journal of Visualized Experiments 65, e4163 PubMed abstract
  • Radulescu, S; Brookes, MJ; Salgueiro, P; Ridgway, RA; McGhee, E; Anderson, K; Ford, SJ; Stones, DH; Iqbal, TH; Tselepis, C and Sansom, OJ (2012)
    Luminal iron levels govern intestinal tumorigenesis after Apc loss in vivo.
    Cell Reports 2, 270-282 PubMed abstract
  • Roth, S; Franken, P; Sacchetti, A; Kremer, A; Anderson, K; Sansom, O and Fodde, R (2012)
    Paneth cells in intestinal homeostasis and tissue injury.
    PLOS ONE 7, e38965 PubMed abstract
  • Sullivan, K; Kloess, J; Qian, C; Bell, D; Hay, A; Lin, YP and Gu, Y (2012)
    High throughput virus plaque quantitation using a flatbed scanner.
    Journal of Virological Methods 179, 81-89 PubMed abstract
  • Birtwistle, MR; von Kriegsheim, A; Kida, K; Schwarz, JP; Anderson, KI and Kolch, W (2011)
    Linear approaches to intramolecular Förster resonance energy transfer probe measurements for quantitative modeling.
    PLOS ONE 6, e27823 PubMed abstract
  • Hadjieconomou, D; Rotkopf, S; Alexandre, C; Bell, DM; Dickson, BJ and Salecker, I (2011)
    Flybow: genetic multicolor cell labeling for neural circuit analysis in Drosophila melanogaster.
    Nature Methods 8, 260-268 PubMed abstract
  • Isherwood, B; Timpson, P; McGhee, EJ; Anderson, KI; Canel, M; Serrels, A; Brunton, VG and Carragher, NO (2011)
    Live cell in vitro and in vivo imaging applications: accelerating drug discovery.
    Pharmaceutics 3, 141-170 PubMed abstract
  • Lara, R; Mauri, FA; Taylor, H; Derua, R; Shia, A; Gray, C; Nicols, A; Shiner, RJ; Schofield, E; Bates, PA; Waelkens, E; Dallman, M; Lamb, J; Zicha, D; Downward, J; Seckl, MJ and Pardo, OE (2011)
    An siRNA screen identifies RSK1 as a key modulator of lung cancer metastasis.
    Oncogene 30, 3513-3521 PubMed abstract
  • McGhee, EJ; Morton, JP; Von Kriegsheim, A; Schwarz, JP; Karim, SA; Carragher, NO; Sansom, OJ; Anderson, KI and Timpson, P (2011)
    FLIM-FRET imaging in vivo reveals 3D-environment spatially regulates RhoGTPase activity during cancer cell invasion.
    Small GTPases 2, 239-244 PubMed abstract
  • Pacary, E; Heng, J; Azzarelli, R; Riou, P; Castro, D; Lebel-Potter, M; Parras, C; Bell, DM; Ridley, AJ; Parsons, M and Guillemot, F (2011)
    Proneural transcription factors regulate different steps of cortical neuron migration through Rnd-mediated inhibition of RhoA signaling.
    Neuron 69, 1069-1084 PubMed abstract
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    Actomyosin-mediated cellular tension drives increased tissue stiffness and β-catenin activation to induce epidermal hyperplasia and tumor growth.
    Cancer Cell 19, 776-791 PubMed abstract
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    Characterizing system performance in total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy.
    Methods in Molecular Biology 769, 373-386 PubMed abstract
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    Tbx6-dependent Sox2 regulation determines neural or mesodermal fate in axial stem cells.
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    Imaging molecular dynamics in vivo--from cell biology to animal models.
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    Organotypic collagen I assay: a malleable platform to assess cell behaviour in a 3-dimensional context.
    Journal of Visualized Experiments e3089 PubMed abstract
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    Spatial regulation of RhoA activity during pancreatic cancer cell invasion driven by mutant p53.
    Cancer Research 71, 747-757 PubMed abstract
  • Canel, M; Serrels, A; Anderson, KI; Frame, MC and Brunton, VG (2010)
    Use of photoactivation and photobleaching to monitor the dynamic regulation of E-cadherin at the plasma membrane.
    Cell Adhesion & Migration 4, 491-501 PubMed abstract
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    Analysis of a genome-wide set of gene deletions in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe.
    Nature Biotechnology 28, 617-623 PubMed abstract
  • Li, A; Dawson, JC; Forero-Vargas, M; Spence, HJ; Yu, X; König, I; Anderson, K and Machesky, LM (2010)
    The actin-bundling protein fascin stabilizes actin in invadopodia and potentiates protrusive invasion.
    Current Biology 20, 339-345 PubMed abstract
  • McIntosh, PB; Laskey, P; Sullivan, K; Davy, C; Wang, Q; Jackson, DJ; Griffin, HM and Doorbar, J (2010)
    E1^E4-mediated keratin phosphorylation and ubiquitylation: a mechanism for keratin depletion in HPV16-infected epithelium.
    Journal of Cell Science 123, 2810-2822 PubMed abstract
  • Poulou, M; Bell, D; Bozonelos, K; Alexiou, M; Gavalas, A; Lovell-Badge, R and Remboutsika, E (2010)
    Development of a chromosomally integrated metabolite-inducible Leu3p-α-IPM "Off-_n" gene switch.
    PLOS ONE 5, e12488 PubMed abstract
  • Rooney, C; White, G; Nazgiewicz, A; Woodcock, SA; Anderson, KI; Ballestrem, C and Malliri, A (2010)
    The Rac activator STEF (Tiam2) regulates cell migration by microtubule-mediated focal adhesion disassembly.
    EMBO Reports 11, 292-298 PubMed abstract
  • Serrels, B; Sandilands, E; Serrels, A; Baillie, G; Houslay, MD; Brunton, VG; Canel, M; Machesky, LM; Anderson, KI and Frame, MC (2010)
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    Current Biology 20, 1086-1092 PubMed abstract
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