Pavel Tolar: Publications

  • Edgington, R; Spillane, KM; Papageorgiou, G; Wray, W; Ishiwata, H; Labarca, M; Leal-Ortiz, S; Reid, G; Webb, M; Foord, J; Melosh, N and Schaefer, AT (2018)
    Functionalisation of detonation nanodiamond for monodispersed, soluble DNA-nanodiamond conjugates using mixed silane bead-assisted sonication disintegration.
    Scientific Reports 8, 728 PubMed abstract
  • Hoogeboom, R; Natkanski, EM; Nowosad, CR; Malinova, D; Menon, RP; Casal, A and Tolar, P (2018)
    Myosin IIa promotes antibody responses by regulating B cell activation, acquisition of antigen, and proliferation.
    Cell Reports 23, 2342-2353 PubMed abstract
  • Spillane, KM and Tolar, P (2018)
    DNA-based probes for measuring mechanical forces in cell-cell contacts: Application to B cell antigen extraction from immune synapses.
    Methods in Molecular Biology 1707, 69-80 PubMed abstract
  • Nowosad, CR and Tolar, P (2017)
    Plasma membrane sheets for studies of B cell antigen internalization from immune synapses.
    Methods in Molecular Biology 1584, 77-88 PubMed abstract
  • Spillane, KM and Tolar, P (2017)
    B cell antigen extraction is regulated by physical properties of antigen presenting cells.
    Biophysical Journal 112, 126A, Abstract no.622-Pos, Board B387
  • Spillane, KM and Tolar, P (2017)
    B cell antigen extraction is regulated by physical properties of antigen-presenting cells.
    Journal of Cell Biology 216, 217-230 PubMed abstract
  • Tolar, P (2017)
    Cytoskeletal control of B cell responses to antigens.
    Nature Reviews Immunology 17, 621-634 PubMed abstract
  • Hoogeboom, R and Tolar, P (2016)
    Molecular mechanisms of B cell antigen gathering and endocytosis.
    Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology 393, 45-63 PubMed abstract
  • Malinova, D; Fritzsche, M; Nowosad, CR; Armer, H; Munro, PMG; Blundell, MP; Charras, G; Tolar, P; Bouma, G and Thrasher, AJ (2016)
    WASp-dependent actin cytoskeleton stability at the dendritic cell immunological synapse is required for extensive, functional T cell contacts.
    Journal of Leukocyte Biology 99, 699-710 PubMed abstract
  • Nowosad, CR; Spillane, KM and Tolar, P (2016)
    Germinal center B cells recognize antigen through a specialized immune synapse architecture.
    Nature Immunology 17, 870-877 PubMed abstract
  • Spillane, KM and Tolar, P (2016)
    Mechanisms of B cell antigen extraction revealed by DNA-based molecular sensors.
    Biophysical Journal 110, 511A-512A, Abstract no.2524-Plat
  • Satpathy, S; Wagner, SA; Beli, P; Gupta, R; Kristiansen, TA; Malinova, D; Francavilla, C; Tolar, P; Bishop, GA; Hostager, BS and Choudhary, C (2015)
    Systems-wide analysis of BCR signalosomes and downstream phosphorylation and ubiquitylation.
    Molecular Systems Biology 11, 810 PubMed abstract
  • Spillane, KM and Tolar, P (2015)
    Characterizing mechanical forces during B cell responses.
    Biophysical Journal 108, 141A, Abstract 704 Pos Board B484
  • Tolar, P (2015)
    Mechanical forces in B cell activation.
    Biophysical Journal 108, 12A, Abstract 58-Symp
  • Tolar, P (2014)
    Force signalling in naive and germinal centre B-cells.
    Immunology 143, 5, Abstract 121 PubMed abstract
  • Tolar, P (2014)
    Mechanical extraction of antigen from B cell immune synapses: a unique way to sense ligand affinity.
    Biophysical Journal 106, 235A, 1190-Plat
  • Tolar, P and Spillane, KM (2014)
    Force generation in B-cell synapses: mechanisms coupling B-cell receptor binding to antigen internalization and affinity discrimination.
    Advances in Immunology 123, 69-100 PubMed abstract
  • Lee, W-Y and Tolar, P (2013)
    Activation of the B cell receptor leads to increased membrane proximity of the Igα cytoplasmic domain.
    PLOS ONE 8, e79148 PubMed abstract
  • Natkanski, E; Lee, W-Y; Mistry, B; Casal, A; Molloy, JE and Tolar, P (2013)
    B cells use mechanical energy to discriminate antigen affinities.
    Science 340, 1587-1590 PubMed abstract
  • Tolar, P (2011)
    Inside the microcluster: antigen receptor signalling viewed with molecular imaging tools.
    Immunology 133, 271-277 PubMed abstract
  • Liu, W; Meckel, T; Tolar, P; Sohn, HW and Pierce, SK (2010)
    Antigen affinity discrimination is an intrinsic function of the B cell receptor.
    Journal of Experimental Medicine 207, 1095-1111 PubMed abstract
  • Liu, W; Meckel, T; Tolar, P; Sohn, HW and Pierce, SK (2010)
    Intrinsic properties of immunoglobulin IgG1 isotype-switched B cell receptors promote microclustering and the initiation of signaling.
    Immunity 32, 778-789 PubMed abstract
  • Liu, W; Sohn, HW; Tolar, P and Pierce, SK (2010)
    It's all about change: the antigen-driven initiation of B-cell receptor signaling.
    Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology 2, a002295 PubMed abstract
  • Liu, W; Won Sohn, H; Tolar, P; Meckel, T and Pierce, SK (2010)
    Antigen-induced oligomerization of the B cell receptor is an early target of FcγRIIB inhibition.
    Journal of Immunology 184, 1977-1989 PubMed abstract
  • Radaev, S; Zou, Z; Tolar, P; Nguyen, K; Nguyen, A; Krueger, PD; Stutzman, N; Pierce, S and Sun, PD (2010)
    Structural and functional studies of Igαβ and its assembly with the B cell antigen receptor.
    Structure 18, 934-943 PubMed abstract
  • Sohn, HW; Tolar, P; Brzostowski, J and Pierce, SK (2010)
    A method for analyzing protein-protein interactions in the plasma membrane of live B cells by fluorescence resonance energy transfer imaging as acquired by total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy.
    Methods in Molecular Biology 591, 159-183 PubMed abstract
  • Tolar, P and Pierce, SK (2010)
    A conformation-induced oligomerization model for B cell receptor microclustering and signaling.
    Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology 340, 155-169 PubMed abstract

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Pavel Tolar

Pavel Tolar
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  • Qualifications and history
  • 1998 M.D. Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
  • 2003 Ph.D. Institute of Molecular Genetics, Prague, Czech Republic
  • 2003-2009 Postdoctoral Fellow, National Institutes of Health, Rockville, MD, USA
  • 2009 Group Leader, Medical Research Council National Institute for Medical Research, London, UK
  • 2015 Group Leader, the Francis Crick Institute, London, UK