Paola Scaffidi: Publications

  • Henser-Brownhill, T; Monserrat, J and Scaffidi, P (2017)
    Generation of an arrayed CRISPR-Cas9 library targeting epigenetic regulators: from high-content screens to in vivo assays.
    Epigenetics 12, 1065-1075 PubMed abstract
  • Wainwright, EN and Scaffidi, P (2017)
    Epigenetics and cancer stem cells: Unleashing, hijacking, and restricting cellular plasticity.
    Trends in Cancer 3, 372-386 PubMed abstract
  • Morales Torres, C; Biran, A; Burney, MJ; Patel, H; Henser-Brownhill, T; Cohen, A-HS; Li, Y; Ben-Hamo, R; Nye, E; Spencer-Dene, B; Chakravarty, P; Efroni, S; Matthews, N; Misteli, T; Meshorer, E and Scaffidi, P (2016)
    The linker histone H1.0 generates epigenetic and functional intratumor heterogeneity.
    Science 353, aaf1644 PubMed abstract
  • Scaffidi, P (2016)
    Histone H1 alterations in cancer.
    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1859, 533-539 PubMed abstract
  • Si, H; Scaffidi, P; Merchant, A; Cam, M; Stahlberg, E; Misteli, T and Fernandez, P (2015)
    Genome-wide redistribution of BRD4 binding sites in transformation resistant cells.
    Genomics Data 3, 33-35 PubMed abstract
  • Ben-David, U; Biran, A; Scaffidi, P; Herold-Mende, C; Boehringer, M; Meshorer, E and Benvenisty, N (2014)
    Elimination of undifferentiated cancer cells by pluripotent stem cell inhibitors.
    Journal of Molecular Cell Biology 6, 267-269 PubMed abstract
  • Fernandez, P; Scaffidi, P; Markert, E; Lee, J-H; Rane, S and Misteli, T (2014)
    Transformation resistance in a premature aging disorder identifies a tumor-protective function of BRD4.
    Cell Reports 9, 248-260 PubMed abstract
  • Scaffidi, P and Misteli, T (2011)
    In vitro generation of human cells with cancer stem cell properties.
    Nature Cell Biology 13, 1051-1061 PubMed abstract
  • Scaffidi, P and Misteli, T (2010)
    Cancer epigenetics: from disruption of differentiation programs to the emergence of cancer stem cells.
    Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology 75, 251-258 PubMed abstract

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Paola Scaffidi
+44 (0)20 379 61325

  • Qualifications and history
  • 2002 PhD, Dibit San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan, Italy.
  • 2002 - 2007 Postdoctoral Fellow, Cell Biology of Genomes Group, NCI, NIH, USA
  • 2007 - 2013 Staff Scientist, Cell Biology of Genomes Group, NCI, NIH, USA
  • 2014 Established lab at the London Research Institute, Cancer Research UK
  • 2015 Group Leader, the Francis Crick Institute, London, UK