Jim Smith: Lab Group Members

Andreia Bernardo: Andreia.Bernardo@crick.ac.uk

Camille Bouissou: Camille.Bouissou@crick.ac.uk

Kayleigh Bozon: Kayleigh.Bozon@crick.ac.uk

Clara Collart: Clara.Collart@crick.ac.uk

Fay Cooper: Fay.Cooper@crick.ac.uk

Kevin Dingwell: Kevin.Dingwell@crick.ac.uk

Alex Eve: Alexander.Eve@crick.ac.uk

George Gentsch: George.Gentsch@crick.ac.uk

Rita Monteiro: Rita.Monteiro@crick.ac.uk

Gregory Parsonage: Gregory.Parsonage@crick.ac.uk

Elsie Place: Elsie.Place@crick.ac.uk

Jim Smith

Jim Smith

+44 (0)20 379 61103

  • Qualifications and history
  • 1979 PhD Middlesex Hospital Medical School, London, UK
  • 1979 Postdoctoral Fellow Harvard Medical School, Boston MA, USA
  • 1981 Postdoctoral Fellow, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London, UK
  • 1984 Group Leader, then Head of Division and Head of Group, MRC-NIMR, London, UK
  • 2000 Director, Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute
  • 2009 Director, Medical Research Council National Institute for Medical Research, London, UK
  • 2014 Deputy CEO and Chief of Strategy, Medical Research Council
  • 2015 Director of Research, Francis Crick Institute