Andreas Schaefer: Publications

  • Edgington, R; Spillane, KM; Papageorgiou, G; Wray, W; Ishiwata, H; Labarca, M; Leal-Ortiz, S; Reid, G; Webb, M; Foord, J; Melosh, N and Schaefer, AT (2018)
    Functionalisation of detonation nanodiamond for monodispersed, soluble DNA-nanodiamond conjugates using mixed silane bead-assisted sonication disintegration.
    Scientific Reports 8, 728 PubMed abstract
  • Rancz, EA and Schaefer, AT (2018)
    Viruses leave their stamp on single cells.
    Nature Biotechnology 36, 42-44 PubMed abstract
  • Schwarz, D; Kollo, M; Bosch, C; Feinauer, C; Whiteley, I; Margrie, TW; Cutforth, T and Schaefer, AT (2018)
    Architecture of a mammalian glomerular domain revealed by novel volume electroporation using nanoengineered microelectrodes.
    Nature Communications 9, 183 PubMed abstract
  • Ackels, T and Schaefer, AT (2017)
    The maps they are a-changin': plasticity in odor representation in interneurons.
    Nature Neuroscience 20, 128-129 PubMed abstract
  • Cains, S; Blomeley, C; Kollo, M; Rácz, R and Burdakov, D (2017)
    Agrp neuron activity is required for alcohol-induced overeating.
    Nature Communications 8, 14014 PubMed abstract
  • Jordan, R; Fukunaga, I; Kollo, M and Schaefer, A (2017)
    Learning-related changes in Mitral and Tufted cell responses reflect changes in sniff behaviour.
    Chemical Senses 42, E5, Abstract s12
  • Lissek, T; Adams, M; Adelman, J; Ahissar, E; Akaaboune, M; Akil, H; al'Absi, M; Arain, F; Arango-Lasprilla, JC; Atasoy, D; Avila, J; Badawi, A; Bading, H; Baig, AM; Baleriola, J; Belmonte, C; Bertocchi, I; Betz, H; Blakemore, C; Blanke, O; Boehm-Sturm, P; Bonhoeffer, T; Bonifazi, P; Brose, N; Campolongo, P; Celikel, T; Chang, CC; Chang, T-Y; Citri, A; Cline, HT; Cortes, JM; Cullen, K; Dean, K; Delgado-Garcia, JM; Desroches, M; Disterhoft, JF; Dowling, JE; Draguhn, A; El-Khamisy, SF; El Manira, A; Enam, SA; Encinas, JM; Erramuzpe, A; Esteban, JA; Fariñas, I; Fischer, E; Fukunaga, I; Gabilondo, I; Ganten, D; Gidon, A; Gomez-Esteban, JC; Greengard, P; Grinevich, V; Gruart, A; Guillemin, R; Hariri, AR; Hassan, B; Häusser, M; Hayashi, Y; Hussain, NK; Jabbar, AA; Jaber, M; Jahn, R; Janahi, EM; Kabbaj, M; Kettenmann, H; Kindt, M; Knafo, S; Köhr, G; Komai, S; Krugers, H; Kuhn, B; Ghazal, NL; Larkum, ME; London, M; Lutz, B; Matute, C; Martinez-Millan, L; Maroun, M; McGaugh, J; Moustafa, AA; Nasim, A; Nave, K-A; Neher, E; Nikolich, K; Outeiro, T; Palmer, LM; Penagarikano, O; Perez-Otano, I; Pfaff, DW; Poucet, B; Rahman, A-U; Ramos-Cabrer, P; Rashidy-Pour, A; Roberts, RJ; Rodrigues, S; Sanes, JR; Schaefer, AT; Segal, M; Segev, I; Shafqat, S; Siddiqui, NA; Soreq, H; Soriano-García, E; Spanagel, R; Sprengel, R; Stuart, G; Südhof, TC; Tønnesen, J; Treviño, M; Uthman, BM; Venter, JC; Verkhratsky, A; Weiss, C; Wiesel, TN; Yaksi, E; Yizhar, O; Young, LJ; Young, P; Zawia, NH; Zugaza, JL and Hasan, MT (2017)
    Building bridges through science.
    Neuron 96, 730-735 PubMed abstract
  • Reinert, JK; Schaefer, AT and Kuner, T (2017)
    Automated operant olfactory conditioning of group-housed mice.
    Chemical Senses 42, E24-E25, Abstract s64
  • Conte, IL; Hellen, N; Bierings, R; Mashanov, GI; Manneville, J-B; Kiskin, NI; Hannah, MJ; Molloy, JE and Carter, T (2016)
    Interaction between MyRIP and the actin cytoskeleton regulates Weibel-Palade body trafficking and exocytosis.
    Journal of Cell Science 129, 592-603 PubMed abstract
  • Roland, B; Jordan, R; Sosulski, DL; Diodato, A; Fukunaga, I; Wickersham, I; Franks, KM; Schaefer, AT and Fleischmann, A (2016)
    Massive normalization of olfactory bulb output in mice with a 'monoclonal nose'.
    eLife 5, e16335 PubMed abstract
  • Schaefer, A (2016)
    Interneuron shaping of MC/TC responses in awake, behaving mice.
    Chemical Senses 41, 400, Abstract no.PS431
  • Schaefer, AT (2015)
    Inhibition and olfaction.
    Chemical Senses 40, 543, Abstract No.524
  • Steinfeld, R; Herb, JT; Sprengel, R; Schaefer, AT and Fukunaga, I (2015)
    Divergent innervation of the olfactory bulb by distinct raphe nuclei.
    Journal of Comparative Neurology 523, 805-813 PubMed abstract
  • Angle, MR; Wang, A; Thomas, A; Schaefer, AT and Melosh, NA (2014)
    Penetration of cell membranes and synthetic lipid bilayers by nanoprobes.
    Biophysical Journal 107, 2091-2100 PubMed abstract
  • Chadderton, P; Schaefer, AT; Williams, SR and Margrie, TW (2014)
    Sensory-evoked synaptic integration in cerebellar and cerebral cortical neurons.
    Nature Reviews Neuroscience 15, 71-83 PubMed abstract
  • Fukunaga, I; Herb, JT; Kollo, M; Boyden, ES and Schaefer, AT (2014)
    Independent control of gamma and theta activity by distinct interneuron networks in the olfactory bulb.
    Nature Neuroscience 17, 1208-1216 PubMed abstract
  • Kollo, M; Schmaltz, A; Abdelhamid, M; Fukunaga, I and Schaefer, AT (2014)
    'Silent' mitral cells dominate odor responses in the olfactory bulb of awake mice.
    Nature Neuroscience 17, 1313-1315 PubMed abstract
  • Schaefer, AT; Fukunaga, I; Herb, JT; Kollo, M and Boyden, ES (2014)
    Independent control of gamma and theta activity by distinct interneuron networks in the olfactory bulb.
    Chemical Senses 39, 86, Abstract 309
  • Stuart, DG; Schaefer, AT; Massion, J; Graham, BA and Callister, RJ (2014)
    Pioneers in CNS inhibition: 1. Ivan M. Sechenov, the first to clearly demonstrate inhibition arising in the brain.
    Brain Research 1548, 20-48 PubMed abstract
  • Bracey, EF; Pichler, B; Schaefer, AT; Wallace, DJ and Margrie, TW (2013)
    Perceptual judgements and chronic imaging of altered odour maps indicate comprehensive stimulus template matching in olfaction.
    Nature Communications 4, 2100 PubMed abstract
  • Angle, MR and Schaefer, AT (2012)
    Neuronal recordings with solid-conductor intracellular nanoelectrodes (SCINEs).
    PLOS ONE 7, e43194 PubMed abstract
  • Fukunaga, I; Berning, M; Kollo, M; Schmaltz, A and Schaefer, AT (2012)
    Two distinct channels of olfactory bulb output.
    Neuron 75, 320-329 PubMed abstract
  • Schaefer, AT and Claridge-Chang, A (2012)
    The surveillance state of behavioral automation.
    Current Opinion in Neurobiology 22, 170-176 PubMed abstract
  • Schaefer, AT and Margrie, TW (2012)
    Psychophysical properties of odor processing can be quantitatively described by relative action potential latency patterns in mitral and tufted cells.
    Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience 6, 30 PubMed abstract
  • Kuner, T and Schaefer, AT (2011)
    Molecules, cells and networks involved in processing olfactory stimuli in the mouse olfactory bulb.
    e-Neuroforum 2, 61-67
  • Mittmann, W; Wallace, DJ; Czubayko, U; Herb, JT; Schaefer, AT; Looger, LL; Denk, W and Kerr, JND (2011)
    Two-photon calcium imaging of evoked activity from L5 somatosensory neurons in vivo.
    Nature Neuroscience 14, 1089-1093 PubMed abstract
  • Rancz, EA; Franks, KM; Schwarz, MK; Pichler, B; Schaefer, AT and Margrie, TW (2011)
    Transfection via whole-cell recording in vivo: bridging single-cell physiology, genetics and connectomics.
    Nature Neuroscience 14, 527-532 PubMed abstract
  • Abraham, NM; Egger, V; Shimshek, DR; Renden, R; Fukunaga, I; Sprengel, R; Seeburg, PH; Klugmann, M; Margrie, TW; Schaefer, AT and Kuner, T (2010)
    Synaptic inhibition in the olfactory bulb accelerates odor discrimination in mice.
    Neuron 65, 399-411 PubMed abstract

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Andreas Schaefer

Andreas Schaefer
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  • Qualifications and history
  • 2004 PhD, Max-Planck-Institute for Medical Research, Heidelberg, Germany
  • 2004 Postdoctoral fellow, University College London, UK
  • 2007 BBSRC David-Phillips fellow, University College London, UK
  • 2008 Group leader, Max-Planck-Institute for Medical Research, Institute for Anatomy and Cell Biology, University Heidelberg, Germany
  • 2013 Program Leader, Medical Research Council National Institute for Medical Research, London, and Department of Neuroscience, Physiology, Pharmacology, University College London, UK
  • 2015 Group Leader, the Francis Crick Institute, London, UK