Vivian Li: Publications

  • Aguilar-Aragon, M; Elbediwy, A; Foglizzo, V; Fletcher, GC; Li, VSW and Thompson, BJ (2018)
    Pak1 kinase maintains apical membrane identity in epithelia.
    Cell Reports 22, 1639-1646 PubMed abstract
  • Schwerd, T; Bryant, RV; Pandey, S; Capitani, M; Meran, L; Cazier, J-B; Jung, J; Mondal, K; Parkes, M; Mathew, CG; Fiedler, K; McCarthy, DJ; WGS500 Consortium; Oxford IBD cohort study investigators; COLORS in IBD; UK IBD Genetics Consortium; Sullivan, PB; Rodrigues, A; Travis, SPL; Moore, C; Sambrook, J; Ouwehand, WH; Roberts, DJ; Danesh, J; INTERVAL Study; Russell, RK; Wilson, DC; Kelsen, JR; Cornall, R; Denson, LA; Kugathasan, S; Knaus, UG; Serra, EG; Anderson, CA; Duerr, RH; McGovern, DPB; Cho, J; Powrie, F; Li, VSW; Muise, AM and Uhlig, HH (2018)
    NOX1 loss-of-function genetic variants in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.
    Mucosal Immunology 11, 562-574 PubMed abstract
  • Chng, SH; Frauches Oliveira, ACB; Lasrado, R; Meran, L; Li, V and Pachnis, V (2017)
    An in vitro 3D model to study the cross-talk between enteric glia cells and the intestinal epithelial organoids.
    Glia 65, E489, Abstract no. T414-120A
  • Crowley, C; De Santis, M; Urbani, L; Khedr, M; Tedeschi, A; Meran, L; Lee, S; Campinoti, S; Li, V; Bonfanti, P; Burns, A; Eaton, S; Birchall, MA and De Coppi, P (2017)
    3D-culture of intestinal stem cells using an extracellular matrix hydrogel derived from decellularised intestinal tissue.
    Cytotherapy 19, S25, Abstract no.43
  • Meran, L; Baulies, A and Li, VSW (2017)
    Intestinal stem cell niche: The extracellular matrix and cellular components.
    Stem Cells International 2017, 7970385 PubMed abstract
  • Novellasdemunt, L; Foglizzo, V; Cuadrado, L; Antas, P; Kucharska, A; Encheva, V; Snijders, AP and Li, VSW (2017)
    USP7 is a tumor-specific WNT activator for APC-mutated colorectal cancer by mediating β-catenin deubiquitination.
    Cell Reports 21, 612-627 PubMed abstract
  • Sasaki, N; Sachs, N; Wiebrands, K; Ellenbroek, SIJ; Fumagalli, A; Lyubimova, A; Begthel, H; van den Born, M; van Es, JH; Karthaus, WR; Li, VSW; López-Iglesias, C; Peters, PJ; van Rheenen, J; van Oudenaarden, A and Clevers, H (2016)
    Reg4+ deep crypt secretory cells function as epithelial niche for Lgr5+ stem cells in colon.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113, E5399-E5407 PubMed abstract
  • Meran, L; Li, V and De Coppi, P (2015)
    Advcances in tissue engineering to regenerate the intestinal epithelium.
    Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition 61, 510, Abstract OP-514 PubMed abstract
  • Meran, L; Li, V and De Coppi, P (2015)
    Regenerative medicine for intestinal failure: demonstrating the potential for intestinal organoids to repopulate the epithelium of the instestine.
    Gut 64, A16-A17, Abstract no.OC-032
  • Novellasdemunt, L; Antas, P and Li, VSW (2015)
    Targeting Wnt signaling in colorectal cancer. A review in the theme: cell signaling: proteins, pathways and mechanisms.
    American Journal of Physiology. Cell Physiology 309, C511-C521 PubMed abstract
  • van de Wetering, M; Francies, HE; Francis, JM; Bounova, G; Iorio, F; Pronk, A; van Houdt, W; van Gorp, J; Taylor-Weiner, A; Kester, L; McLaren-Douglas, A; Blokker, J; Jaksani, S; Bartfeld, S; Volckman, R; van Sluis, P; Li, VSW; Seepo, S; Sekhar Pedamallu, C; Cibulskis, K; Carter, SL; McKenna, A; Lawrence, MS; Lichtenstein, L; Stewart, C; Koster, J; Versteeg, R; van Oudenaarden, A; Saez-Rodriguez, J; Vries, RGJ; Getz, G; Wessels, L; Stratton, MR; McDermott, U; Meyerson, M; Garnett, MJ and Clevers, H (2015)
    Prospective derivation of a living organoid biobank of colorectal cancer patients.
    Cell 161, 933-945 PubMed abstract
  • Wang, K; Yuen, ST; Xu, J; Lee, SP; Yan, HHN; Shi, ST; Siu, HC; Deng, S; Chu, KM; Law, S; Chan, KH; Chan, ASY; Tsui, WY; Ho, SL; Chan, AKW; Man, JLK; Foglizzo, V; Ng, MK; Chan, AS; Ching, YP; Cheng, GHW; Xie, T; Fernandez, J; Li, VSW; Clevers, H; Rejto, PA; Mao, M and Leung, SY (2014)
    Whole-genome sequencing and comprehensive molecular profiling identify new driver mutations in gastric cancer.
    Nature Genetics 46, 573-582 PubMed abstract
  • Huch, M; Bonfanti, P; Boj, SF; Sato, T; Loomans, CJM; van de Wetering, M; Sojoodi, M; Li, VSW; Schuijers, J; Gracanin, A; Ringnalda, F; Begthel, H; Hamer, K; Mulder, J; van Es, JH; de Koning, E; Vries, RGJ; Heimberg, H and Clevers, H (2013)
    Unlimited in vitro expansion of adult bi-potent pancreas progenitors through the Lgr5/R-spondin axis.
    EMBO Journal 32, 2708-2721 PubMed abstract
  • Huch, M; Dorrell, C; Boj, SF; van Es, JH; Li, VSW; van de Wetering, M; Sato, T; Hamer, K; Sasaki, N; Finegold, MJ; Haft, A; Vries, RG; Grompe, M and Clevers, H (2013)
    In vitro expansion of single Lgr5+ liver stem cells induced by Wnt-driven regeneration.
    Nature 494, 247-250 PubMed abstract
  • Li, Vivian SW and Clevers, H (2013)
    Intestinal regeneration: YAP—tumor suppressor and oncoprotein?
    Current Biology 23, R110-R112 PubMed abstract
  • Boj, Sylvia F; van Es, Johan H; Huch, M; Li, Vivian SW; José, A; Hatzis, P; Mokry, M; Haegebarth, A; van den Born, M; Chambon, P; Voshol, P; Dor, Y; Cuppen, E; Fillat, C and Clevers, H (2012)
    Diabetes risk gene and Wnt effector Tcf7l2/TCF4 controls hepatic response to perinatal and adult metabolic demand.
    Cell 151, 1595-1607 PubMed abstract
  • de Lau, W; Kujala, P; Schneeberger, K; Middendorp, S; Li, VSW; Barker, N; Martens, A; Hofhuis, F; DeKoter, RP; Peters, PJ; Nieuwenhuis, E and Clevers, H (2012)
    Peyer's patch M cells derived from Lgr5+ stem cells require SpiB and are induced by RankL in cultured "miniguts".
    Molecular and Cellular Biology 32, 3639-3647 PubMed abstract
  • Li, VSW and Clevers, H (2012)
    In vitro expansion and transplantation of intestinal crypt stem cells.
    Gastroenterology 143, 30-34 PubMed abstract
  • Li, VSW; Ng, SS; Boersema, PJ; Low, TY; Karthaus, WR; Gerlach, JP; Mohammed, S; Heck, AJR; Maurice, MM; Mahmoudi, T and Clevers, H (2012)
    Wnt signaling through inhibition of β-catenin degradation in an intact Axin1 complex.
    Cell 149, 1245-1256 PubMed abstract
  • de Lau, W; Barker, N; Low, TY; Koo, B-K; Li, VSW; Teunissen, H; Kujala, P; Haegebarth, A; Peters, PJ; van de Wetering, M; Stange, DE; van Es, JE; Guardavaccaro, D; Schasfoort, RBM; Mohri, Y; Nishimori, K; Mohammed, S; Heck, AJR and Clevers, H (2011)
    Lgr5 homologues associate with Wnt receptors and mediate R-spondin signalling.
    Nature 476, 293-297 PubMed abstract
  • Sylva, M; Li, VSW; Buffing, AAA; van Es, JH; van den Born, M; van der Velden, S; Gunst, Q; Koolstra, JH; Moorman, AFM; Clevers, H and van den Hoff, MJB (2011)
    The BMP antagonist follistatin-like 1 is required for skeletal and lung organogenesis.
    PLOS ONE 6, e22616 PubMed abstract
  • Mahmoudi, T; Boj, SF; Hatzis, P; Li, VSW; Taouatas, N; Vries, RGJ; Teunissen, H; Begthel, H; Korving, J; Mohammed, S; Heck, AJR and Clevers, H (2010)
    The leukemia-associated Mllt10/Af10-Dot1l are Tcf4/β-catenin coactivators essential for intestinal homeostasis.
    PLOS Biology 8, e1000539 PubMed abstract
  • Sue Ng, S; Mahmoudi, T; Li, VSW; Hatzis, P; Boersema, PJ; Mohammed, S; Heck, AJ and Clevers, H (2010)
    MAP3K1 functionally interacts with Axin1 in the canonical Wnt signalling pathway.
    Biological Chemistry 391, 171-180 PubMed abstract

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