Robin Lovell-Badge: Biography

Robin Lovell-Badge is a Group Leader and Head of the Division of Stem Cell Biology and Developmental Genetics. He obtained his BSc in zoology at University College, London in 1975. He obtained his PhD in embryology at University College London in 1978, carrying out mouse stem cell and embryo research with Martin Evans. After postdoctoral research in Cambridge, also with Martin Evans, and then in Paris, he established his independent laboratory in 1982 at the Medical Research Council (MRC) Mammalian Development Unit, University College, London, directed by Anne McLaren.

In 1988 he moved to the MRC National Institute for Medical Research (now part of the Francis Crick Institute), becoming Head of Division in 1993. He has had longstanding interests in the biology of stem cells, in how genes work in the context of embryo development, and how decisions of cell fate are made. Major themes of his current work include sex determination, development of the nervous system and pituitary, and the biology of stem cells within the early embryo, the CNS and the pituitary. He is also very active in both public engagement and policy work, notably around stem cells, genetics, human embryo and animal research, and in the ways science is regulated and disseminated.

He was elected a member of EMBO in 1993, a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences in 1999, and a fellow of the Royal Society in 2001. He has received the Louis Jeantet Prize for Medicine (1995), the Amory Prize (Awarded by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences) (1996), the Feldberg Foundation Prize (2008), and the Waddington Medal of the British Society for Developmental Biology (2010). He is also a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Hong Kong (2009-2015) and the President of the Institute of Animal Technologists.

Robin Lovell-Badge
+44 (0)20 379 61509

  • Qualifications and history
  • 1978: PhD in Embryology, University College, London, UK.
  • 1978: Postdoctoral fellow, Genetics Department, University of Cambridge, UK
  • 1981: EMBO Long Term Fellowship, Institute Jacques Monod, Paris, France.
  • 1982: Group leader, MRC Mammalian Development Unit, University College, London, UK.
  • 1988: Group leader (and Head of Division since 1993), Medical Research Council National Institute for Medical Research, London, UK.
  • 2015 Group Leader, the Francis Crick Institute, London, UK