Paul Nurse: Publications

  • Hayles, J and Nurse, P (2018)
    Introduction to fission yeast as a model system.
    Cold Spring Harbor Protocols 2018, pdb top079749 PubMed abstract
  • Heuer, R and Nurse, P (2018)
    Uphold Hawking's and Sulston's support for European science.
    Nature 556, 31 PubMed abstract
  • Kaykov, A and Nurse, P (2018)
    Analysis of fission yeast single DNA molecules on the megabase scale using DNA combing.
    Methods in Molecular Biology 1721, 9-24 PubMed abstract
  • Hayles, J (2017)
    S. pombe placed on the prion map.
    Microbial Cell 4, 35-37 PubMed abstract
  • Kume, K; Cantwell, H; Neumann, FR; Jones, AW; Snijders, AP and Nurse, P (2017)
    A systematic genomic screen implicates nucleocytoplasmic transport and membrane growth in nuclear size control.
    PLOS Genetics 13, e1006767 PubMed abstract
  • Lewis, RA; Li, J-J; Allenby, NEE; Errington, J; Hayles, J and Nurse, P (2017)
    Screening and purification of natural products from Actinomycetes that affect the cell shape of fission yeast.
    Journal of Cell Science 130, 3173-3185 PubMed abstract
  • Navarro, FJ; Chakravarty, P and Nurse, P (2017)
    Phosphorylation of the RNA binding protein Zfs1 modulates sexual differentiation in fission yeast.
    Journal of Cell Science 130, 4144-4154 PubMed abstract
  • Nurse, P (2017)
    A journey in science: Cell-cycle control.
    Molecular Medicine 23, 112-119 PubMed abstract
  • Sansregret, L; Patterson, JO; Dewhurst, S; López-García, C; Koch, A; McGranahan, N; Chao, WCH; Barry, DJ; Rowan, A; Instrell, R; Horswell, S; Way, M; Howell, M; Singleton, MR; Medema, RH; Nurse, P; Petronczki, M and Swanton, C (2017)
    APC/C dysfunction limits excessive cancer chromosomal instability.
    Cancer Discovery 7, 218-233 PubMed abstract
  • Selby, P; Lawler, M; Baird, R; Banks, I; Johnston, P and Nurse, P (2017)
    The potential consequences for cancer care and cancer research of Brexit.
    Ecancermedicalscience 11, ed63 PubMed abstract
  • Weston, L; Greenwood, J and Nurse, P (2017)
    Genome-wide screen for cell growth regulators in fission yeast.
    Journal of Cell Science 130, 2049-2055 PubMed abstract
  • Blasi, T; Hennig, H; Summers, HD; Theis, FJ; Cerveira, J; Patterson, JO; Davies, D; Filby, A; Carpenter, AE and Rees, P (2016)
    Label-free cell cycle analysis for high-throughput imaging flow cytometry.
    Nature Communications 7, 10256 PubMed abstract
  • Kawashima, SA; Chen, Z; Aoi, Y; Patgiri, A; Kobayashi, Y; Nurse, P and Kapoor, TM (2016)
    Potent, reversible, and specific chemical inhibitors of eukaryotic ribosome biogenesis.
    Cell 167, 512-524 PubMed abstract
  • Kaykov, A; Taillefumier, T; Bensimon, A and Nurse, P (2016)
    Molecular combing of single DNA molecules on the 10 megabase scale.
    Scientific Reports 6, 19636 PubMed abstract
  • Lawler, M; Banks, I; Law, K; Albreht, T; Armand, J-P; Barbacid, M; Barzach, M; Bergh, J; Cameron, D; Conte, P; de Braud, F; de Gramont, A; De Lorenzo, F; Diehl, V; Diler, S; Erdem, S; Geissler, J; Gore-Booth, J; Henning, G; Højgaard, L; Horgan, D; Jassem, J; Johnson, P; Kaasa, S; Kapitein, P; Karjalainen, S; Kelly, J; Kienesberger, A; La Vecchia, C; Lacombe, D; Lindahl, T; Löwenberg, B; Luzzatto, L; Malby, R; Mastris, K; Meunier, F; Murphy, M; Naredi, P; Nurse, P; Oliver, K; Pearce, J; Pelouchov, J; Piccart, M; Pinedo, B; Spurrier-Bernard, G; Sullivan, R; Tabernero, J; Van de Velde, C; van Herk, B; Vedsted, P; Waldmann, A; Weller, D; Wilking, N; Wilson, R; Yared, W; Zielinski, C; zur Hausen, H; Le Chevalier, T; Johnston, P and Selby, P (2016)
    The European Cancer Patient's Bill of Rights, update and implementation 2016.
    ESMO Open 1, e000127 PubMed abstract
  • Moris, N; Shrivastava, J; Jeffery, L; Li, J-J; Hayles, J and Nurse, P (2016)
    A genome-wide screen to identify genes controlling the rate of entry into mitosis in fission yeast.
    Cell Cycle 15, 3121-3130 PubMed abstract
  • Nurse, P (2016)
    The importance of biology education.
    Journal of Biological Education 50, 7-9
  • Nurse, P (2016)
    Learning from the uncontrollable.
    Cell 165, 1301-1306 PubMed abstract
  • Oliver, SG; Lock, A; Harris, MA; Nurse, P and Wood, V (2016)
    Model organism databases: essential resources that need the support of both funders and users.
    BMC Biology 14, 49 PubMed abstract
  • Pichugina, T; Sugawara, T; Kaykov, A; Schierding, W; Masuda, K; Uewaki, J; Grand, RS; Allison, JR; Martienssen, RA; Nurse, P; Ueno, M and O'Sullivan, JM (2016)
    A diffusion model for the coordination of DNA replication in Schizosaccharomyces pombe.
    Scientific Reports 6, 18757 PubMed abstract
  • Selby, P; Lawler, M; Banks, I; Johnston, P and Nurse, P (2016)
    The EU: what's best for UK cancer research and patients?
    Lancet Oncology 17, 556-557 PubMed abstract
  • Swaffer, MP; Jones, AW; Flynn, HR; Snijders, AP and Nurse, P (2016)
    CDK substrate phosphorylation and ordering the cell cycle.
    Cell 167, 1750-1761.e1716 PubMed abstract
  • Takemoto, A; Kawashima, SA; Li, J-J; Jeffery, L; Yamatsugu, K; Elemento, O and Nurse, P (2016)
    Nuclear envelope expansion is critical for proper chromosomal segregation during a closed mitosis.
    Journal of Cell Science 129, 1250-1259 PubMed abstract
  • Gutiérrez-Escribano, P and Nurse, P (2015)
    A single cyclin-CDK complex is sufficient for both mitotic and meiotic progression in fission yeast.
    Nature Communications 6, 6871 PubMed abstract
  • Jeffares, DC; Rallis, C; Rieux, A; Speed, D; Převorovský, M; Mourier, T; Marsellach, FX; Iqbal, Z; Lau, W; Cheng, TMK; Pracana, R; Mülleder, M; Lawson, JLD; Chessel, A; Bala, S; Hellenthal, G; O'Fallon, B; Keane, T; Simpson, JT; Bischof, L; Tomiczek, B; Bitton, DA; Sideri, T; Codlin, S; Hellberg, JEEU; van Trigt, L; Jeffery, L; Li, J-J; Atkinson, S; Thodberg, M; Febrer, M; McLay, K; Drou, N; Brown, W; Hayles, J; Salas, REC; Ralser, M; Maniatis, N; Balding, DJ; Balloux, F; Durbin, R and Bähler, J (2015)
    The genomic and phenotypic diversity of Schizosaccharomyces pombe.
    Nature Genetics 47, 235-241 PubMed abstract
  • Kaykov, A and Nurse, P (2015)
    The spatial and temporal organization of origin firing during the S-phase of fission yeast.
    Genome Research 25, 391-401 PubMed abstract
  • Nurse, P (2015)
    Address of the president, Sir Paul Nurse, given at the anniversary meeting on 1 December 2014.
    Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London 69, 217-222 PubMed abstract
  • Nurse, P (2015)
    Science is the exception.
    New Scientist 228, 5
  • Patterson, JO; Swaffer, M and Filby, A (2015)
    An Imaging Flow Cytometry-based approach to analyse the fission yeast cell cycle in fixed cells.
    Methods 82, 74-84 PubMed abstract
  • Wood, E and Nurse, P (2015)
    Sizing up to divide: mitotic cell-size control in fission yeast.
    Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology 31, 11-29 PubMed abstract
  • Nurse, P (2014)
    EMBO at 50.
    Science 343, 117 PubMed abstract
  • Wu, P-YJ and Nurse, P (2014)
    Replication origin selection regulates the distribution of meiotic recombination.
    Molecular Cell 53, 655-662 PubMed abstract
  • Hayles, J; Wood, V; Jeffery, L; Hoe, K-L; Kim, D-U; Park, H-O; Salas-Pino, S; Heichinger, C and Nurse, P (2013)
    A genome-wide resource of cell cycle and cell shape genes of fission yeast.
    Open Biology 3, 130053 PubMed abstract
  • Kawashima, SA; Takemoto, A; Nurse, P and Kapoor, TM (2013)
    A chemical biology strategy to analyze rheostat-like protein kinase-dependent regulation.
    Chemistry & Biology 20, 262-271 PubMed abstract
  • Nurse, P; Treisman, R and Smith, J (2013)
    Building better institutions.
    Science 341, 10 PubMed abstract
  • Wood, E and Nurse, P (2013)
    Pom1 and cell size homeostasis in fission yeast.
    Cell Cycle 12, 3228-3236 PubMed abstract
  • Zhang, MM; Wu, P-YJ; Kelly, FD; Nurse, P and Hang, HC (2013)
    Quantitative control of protein S-palmitoylation regulates meiotic entry in fission yeast.
    PLOS Biology 11, e1001597 PubMed abstract
  • Cheng, TMK; Goehring, L; Jeffery, L; Lu, Y-E; Hayles, J; Novák, B and Bates, PA (2012)
    A structural systems biology approach for quantifying the systemic consequences of missense mutations in proteins.
    PLOS Computational Biology 8, e1002738 PubMed abstract
  • Kawashima, SA; Takemoto, A; Nurse, P and Kapoor, TM (2012)
    Analyzing fission yeast multidrug resistance mechanisms to develop a genetically tractable model system for chemical biology.
    Chemistry & Biology 19, 893-901 PubMed abstract
  • Marshall, WF; Young, KD; Swaffer, M; Wood, E; Nurse, P; Kimura, A; Frankel, J; Wallingford, J; Walbot, V; Qu, X and Roeder, AHK (2012)
    What determines cell size?
    BMC Biology 10, 101 PubMed abstract
  • Navarro, FJ and Nurse, P (2012)
    A systematic screen reveals new elements acting at the G2/M cell cycle control.
    Genome Biology 13, R36 PubMed abstract
  • Navarro, FJ; Weston, L and Nurse, P (2012)
    Global control of cell growth in fission yeast and its coordination with the cell cycle.
    Current Opinion in Cell Biology 24, 833-837 PubMed abstract
  • Nurse, P (2012)
    Culture of creativity. Interview by Fred Guterl.
    Scientific American 307, 44-45 PubMed abstract
  • Nurse, P (2012)
    Finding CDK: linking yeast with humans.
    Nature Cell Biology 14, 776 PubMed abstract
  • Nurse, P (2012)
    In answer to questions about the Francis Crick Institute.
    Lancet 379, 2427-2428 PubMed abstract
  • Tange, Y; Kurabayashi, A; Goto, B; Hoe, K-L; Kim, D-U; Park, H-O; Hayles, J; Chikashige, Y; Tsutumi, C; Hiraoka, Y; Yamao, F; Nurse, P and Niwa, O (2012)
    The CCR4-NOT complex is implicated in the viability of aneuploid yeasts.
    PLOS Genetics 8, e1002776 PubMed abstract
  • Gatti, L; Hoe, KL; Hayles, J; Righetti, SC; Carenini, N; Bo, LD; Kim, DU; Park, HO and Perego, P (2011)
    Ubiquitin-proteasome genes as targets for modulation of cisplatin sensitivity in fission yeast.
    BMC Genomics 12, 44 PubMed abstract
  • Kelly, FD and Nurse, P (2011)
    De novo growth zone formation from fission yeast spheroplasts.
    PLOS ONE 6, e27977 PubMed abstract
  • Kelly, FD and Nurse, P (2011)
    Spatial control of Cdc42 activation determines cell width in fission yeast.
    Molecular Biology of the Cell 22, 3801-3811 PubMed abstract
  • Li, J-j; Schnick, J; Hayles, J and MacNeill, SA (2011)
    Purification and functional inactivation of the fission yeast MCMMCM-BP complex.
    FEBS Letters 585, 3850-3855 PubMed abstract
  • Nurse, P (2011)
    The cell cycle. Preface.
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences 366, 3493 PubMed abstract
  • Nurse, P and Hayles, J (2011)
    The cell in an era of systems biology.
    Cell 144, 850-854 PubMed abstract
  • Stewart, EV; Nwosu, CC; Tong, Z; Roguev, A; Cummins, TD; Kim, D-U; Hayles, J; Park, H-O; Hoe, K-L; Powell, DW; Krogan, NJ and Espenshade, PJ (2011)
    Yeast SREBP cleavage activation requires the Golgi Dsc E3 ligase complex.
    Molecular Cell 42, 160-171 PubMed abstract
  • Castagnetti, S; Oliferenko, S and Nurse, P (2010)
    Fission yeast cells undergo nuclear division in the absence of spindle microtubules.
    PLOS Biology 8, e1000512 PubMed abstract
  • Coudreuse, D and Nurse, P (2010)
    Driving the cell cycle with a minimal CDK control network.
    Nature 468, 1074-1079 PubMed abstract
  • Kiang, L; Heichinger, C; Watt, S; Bähler, J and Nurse, P (2010)
    Specific replication origins promote DNA amplification in fission yeast.
    Journal of Cell Science 123, 3047-3051 PubMed abstract
  • Kim, D-U; Hayles, J; Kim, D; Wood, V; Park, H-O; Won, M; Yoo, H-S; Duhig, T; Nam, M; Palmer, G; Han, S; Jeffery, L; Baek, S-T; Lee, H; Shim, YS; Lee, M; Kim, L; Heo, K-S; Noh, EJ; Lee, A-R; Jang, Y-J; Chung, K-S; Choi, S-J; Park, J-Y; Park, Y; Kim, HM; Park, S-K; Park, H-J; Kang, E-J; Kim, HB; Kang, H-S; Park, H-M; Kim, K; Song, K; Song, KB; Nurse, P and Hoe, K-L (2010)
    Analysis of a genome-wide set of gene deletions in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe.
    Nature Biotechnology 28, 617-623 PubMed abstract
  • Moseley, JB and Nurse, P (2010)
    Cell division intersects with cell geometry.
    Cell 142, 189-193 PubMed abstract
  • Moss, J; Tinline-Purvis, H; Walker, CA; Folkes, LK; Stratford, MR; Hayles, J; Hoe, K-L; Kim, D-U; Park, H-O; Kearsey, SE; Fleck, O; Holmberg, C; Nielsen, O and Humphrey, TC (2010)
    Break-induced ATR and Ddb1-Cul4Cdt2 ubiquitin ligase-dependent nucleotide synthesis promotes homologous recombination repair in fission yeast.
    Genes & Development 24, 2705-2716 PubMed abstract
  • Nurse, P (2010)
    Newsmaker interview. Nobelist Paul Nurse to pilot Royal Society, London superlab. Interview by Jocelyn Kaiser.
    Science 329, 380-381 PubMed abstract
  • Spirek, M; Benko, Z; Carnecka, M; Rumpf, C; Cipak, L; Batova, M; Marova, I; Nam, M; Kim, D-U; Park, H-O; Hayles, J; Hoe, K-L; Nurse, P and Gregan, J (2010)
    S. pombe genome deletion project: an update.
    Cell Cycle 9, 2399-2402 PubMed abstract
  • Zhurinsky, J; Leonhard, K; Watt, S; Marguerat, S; Bähler, J and Nurse, P (2010)
    A coordinated global control over cellular transcription.
    Current Biology 20, 2010-2015 PubMed abstract

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Paul Nurse
+44 (0)20 379 62495

  • Qualifications and History
  • 1973 PhD, University of East Anglia, UK
  • 1984 Imperial Cancer Research Fund (ICRF)  Group leader at Lincoln's Inn Fields (ICRF became Cancer Research UK in 2002
  • 1989 Professor of Microbiology at University of Oxford, UK
  • 1996 Director General of ICRF
  • 2002 Chief Executive Cancer Research UK
  • 2003 President of the Rockefeller University, USA
  • 2010 Director of the Francis Crick Institute