Neil McDonald: Publications

  • Nakaoku, T; Kohno, T; Araki, M; Niho, S; Chauhan, R; Knowles, PP; Tsuchihara, K; Matsumoto, S; Shimada, Y; Mimaki, S; Ishii, G; Ichikawa, H; Nagatoishi, S; Tsumoto, K; Okuno, Y; Yoh, K; McDonald, NQ and Goto, K (2018)
    A secondary RET mutation in the activation loop conferring resistance to vandetanib.
    Nature Communications 9, 625 PubMed abstract
  • Plenker, D; Riedel, M; Brägelmann, J; Dammert, MA; Chauhan, R; Knowles, PP; Lorenz, C; Keul, M; Bührmann, M; Pagel, O; Tischler, V; Scheel, AH; Schütte, D; Song, Y; Stark, J; Mrugalla, F; Alber, Y; Richters, A; Engel, J; Leenders, F; Heuckmann, JM; Wolf, J; Diebold, J; Pall, G; Peifer, M; Aerts, M; Gevaert, K; Zahedi, RP; Buettner, R; Shokat, KM; McDonald, NQ; Kast, SM; Gautschi, O; Thomas, RK and Sos, ML (2017)
    Drugging the catalytically inactive state of RET kinase in RET-rearranged tumors.
    Science Translational Medicine 9, eaah6144 PubMed abstract
  • Gabreski, NA; Vaghasia, JK; Novakova, SS; McDonald, NQ and Pierchala, BA (2016)
    Exon skipping in RET gene encodes novel isoforms that differentially regulate RET protein signal transduction.
    Journal of Biological Chemistry 291, 16249-16262 PubMed abstract
  • Newton, R; Bowler, KA; Burns, EM; Chapman, PJ; Fairweather, EE; Fritzl, SJR; Goldberg, KM; Hamilton, NM; Holt, SV; Hopkins, GV; Jones, SD; Jordan, AM; Lyons, AJ; March, HN; McDonald, NQ; Maguire, LA; Mould, DP; Purkiss, AG; Small, HF; Stowell, AIJ; Thomson, GJ; Waddell, ID; Waszkowycz, B; Watson, AJ and Ogilvie, DJ (2016)
    The discovery of 2-substituted phenol quinazolines as potent RET kinase inhibitors with improved KDR selectivity.
    European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 112, 20-32 PubMed abstract
  • Plaza-Menacho, I; Barnouin, K; Barry, R; Borg, A; Orme, M; Chauhan, R; Mouilleron, S; Martínez-Torres, RJ; Meier, P and McDonald, NQ (2016)
    RET functions as a dual-specificity kinase that requires allosteric inputs from juxtamembrane elements.
    Cell Reports 17, 3319-3332 PubMed abstract
  • Soriano, EV; Ivanova, ME; Fletcher, G; Riou, P; Knowles, PP; Barnouin, K; Purkiss, A; Kostelecky, B; Saiu, P; Linch, M; Elbediwy, A; Kjær, S; O'Reilly, N; Snijders, AP; Parker, PJ; Thompson, BJ and McDonald, NQ (2016)
    aPKC inhibition by Par3 CR3 flanking regions controls substrate access and underpins apical-junctional polarization.
    Developmental Cell 38, 384-398 PubMed abstract
  • Zuccotto, F; Angiolini, M; Bernardi, A; Airaghi, F; Mologni, L; McDonald, N; Epemolu, O and Read, K (2016)
    Targeting drug resistance mutations: Discovery of EUD-GK-91 chemical series.
    European Journal of Cancer 69, S68, Abstract no.194
  • Roffey, J; Turnbull, A; Dillon, C; Boyd, S; Riou, P; Linch, M; Parker, P; Kjaer, S and McDonald, N (2015)
    Kinase identification of proximal substrates (KIPS): A novel chemical genetics approach for kinase substrate identification.
    Cancer Research 75, Abstract LB-052
  • Fisher, R; Horswell, S; Rowan, A; Salm, MP; de Bruin, EC; Gulati, S; McGranahan, N; Stares, M; Gerlinger, M; Varela, I; Crockford, A; Favero, F; Quidville, V; André, F; Navas, C; Grönroos, E; Nicol, D; Hazell, S; Hrouda, D; O'Brien, T; Matthews, N; Phillimore, B; Begum, S; Rabinowitz, A; Biggs, J; Bates, PA; McDonald, NQ; Stamp, G; Spencer-Dene, B; Hsieh, JJ; Xu, J; Pickering, L; Gore, M; Larkin, J and Swanton, C (2014)
    Development of synchronous VHL syndrome tumors reveals contingencies and constraints to tumor evolution.
    Genome Biology 15, 433 PubMed abstract
  • Goodman, KM; Kjær, S; Beuron, F; Knowles, PP; Nawrotek, A; Burns, EM; Purkiss, AG; George, R; Santoro, M; Morris, EP and McDonald, NQ (2014)
    RET recognition of GDNF-GFRα1 ligand by a composite binding site promotes membrane-proximal self-association.
    Cell Reports 8, 1894-1904 PubMed abstract
  • Linch, M; Riou, P; Claus, J; Cameron, AJ; de Naurois, J; Larijani, B; Ng, T; McDonald, NQ and Parker, PJ (2014)
    Functional implications of assigned, assumed and assembled PKC structures.
    Biochemical Society Transactions 42, 35-41 PubMed abstract
  • Plaza-Menacho, I; Barnouin, K; Goodman, K; Martínez-Torres, RJ; Borg, A; Murray-Rust, J; Mouilleron, S; Knowles, P and McDonald, NQ (2014)
    Oncogenic RET kinase domain mutations perturb the autophosphorylation trajectory by enhancing substrate presentation in trans.
    Molecular Cell 53, 738-751 PubMed abstract
  • Plaza-Menacho, I; Mologni, L and McDonald, NQ (2014)
    Mechanisms of RET signaling in cancer: current and future implications for targeted therapy.
    Cellular Signalling 26, 1743-1752 PubMed abstract
  • Soudy, C; Stanway, E; Patel, B; Barton, C; Barnard, M; Pang, L; Owen, P; Turnbull, A; Ruggeri, BA; Dorsey, BD; Ator, MA; Ott, GR; Linch, M; Riou, P; Parker, PJ; Kjaer, S; Dillon, C; McDonald, NQ and Roffey, J (2014)
    Identification and characterization of small molecule thieno [3,2-d] pyrimidine inhibitors of Protein Kinase C iota (PKCι).
    Cancer Research 74, Abstract LB-99
  • Coulthard, R; Deans, AJ; Swuec, P; Bowles, M; Costa, A; West, SC and McDonald, NQ (2013)
    Architecture and DNA recognition elements of the Fanconi anemia FANCM-FAAP24 complex.
    Structure 21, 1648-1658 PubMed abstract
  • Fadden, AJ; Schalbetter, S; Bowles, M; Harris, R; Lally, J; Carr, AM and McDonald, NQ (2013)
    A winged helix domain in human MUS81 binds DNA and modulates the endonuclease activity of MUS81 complexes.
    Nucleic Acids Research 41, 9741-9752 PubMed abstract
  • Kjær, S; Linch, M; Purkiss, A; Kostelecky, B; Knowles, PP; Rosse, C; Riou, P; Soudy, C; Kaye, S; Patel, B; Soriano, E; Murray-Rust, J; Barton, C; Dillon, C; Roffey, J; Parker, PJ and McDonald, NQ (2013)
    Adenosine-binding motif mimicry and cellular effects of a thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidine-based chemical inhibitor of atypical protein kinase C isoenzymes.
    Biochemical Journal 451, 329-342 PubMed abstract
  • Linch, M; Sanz-Garcia, M; Soriano, E; Zhang, Y; Riou, P; Rosse, C; Cameron, A; Knowles, P; Purkiss, A; Kjaer, S; McDonald, NQ and Parker, PJ (2013)
    A cancer-associated mutation in atypical protein kinase Cι occurs in a substrate-specific recruitment motif.
    Science Signaling 6, ra82 PubMed abstract
  • Riou, P; Kjær, S; Garg, R; Purkiss, A; George, R; Cain, RJ; Bineva, G; Reymond, N; McColl, B; Thompson, AJ; O'Reilly, N; McDonald, NQ; Parker, PJ and Ridley, AJ (2013)
    14-3-3 proteins interact with a hybrid prenyl-phosphorylation motif to inhibit G proteins.
    Cell 153, 640-653 PubMed abstract
  • Bowles, M; Lally, J; Fadden, AJ; Mouilleron, S; Hammonds, T and McDonald, NQ (2012)
    Fluorescence-based incision assay for human XPF-ERCC1 activity identifies important elements of DNA junction recognition.
    Nucleic Acids Research 40, e101 PubMed abstract
  • Gerlinger, M; Rowan, AJ; Horswell, S; Larkin, J; Endesfelder, D; Gronroos, E; Martinez, P; Matthews, N; Stewart, A; Tarpey, P; Varela, I; Phillimore, B; Begum, S; McDonald, NQ; Butler, A; Jones, D; Raine, K; Latimer, C; Santos, CR; Nohadani, M; Eklund, AC; Spencer-Dene, B; Clark, G; Pickering, L; Stamp, G; Gore, M; Szallasi, Z; Downward, J; Futreal, PA and Swanton, C (2012)
    Intratumor heterogeneity and branched evolution revealed by multiregion sequencing.
    New England Journal of Medicine 366, 883-892 PubMed abstract
  • Mouilleron, S; Wiezlak, M; O'Reilly, N; Treisman, R and McDonald, NQ (2012)
    Structures of the Phactr1 RPEL domain and RPEL motif complexes with G-actin reveal the molecular basis for actin binding cooperativity.
    Structure 20, 1960-1970 PubMed abstract
  • Wiezlak, M; Diring, J; Abella, J; Mouilleron, S; Way, M; McDonald, NQ and Treisman, R (2012)
    G-actin regulates the shuttling and PP1 binding of the RPEL protein Phactr1 to control actomyosin assembly.
    Journal of Cell Science 125, 5860-5872 PubMed abstract
  • Boëda, B; Knowles, PP; Briggs, DC; Murray-Rust, J; Soriano, E; Garvalov, BK; McDonald, NQ and Way, M (2011)
    Molecular recognition of the Tes LIM2-3 domains by the actin-related protein Arp7A.
    Journal of Biological Chemistry 286, 11543-11554 PubMed abstract
  • Mouilleron, S; Langer, CA; Guettler, S; McDonald, NQ and Treisman, R (2011)
    Structure of a pentavalent G-actin•MRTF-A complex reveals how G-actin controls nucleocytoplasmic shuttling of a transcriptional coactivator.
    Science Signaling 4, ra40 PubMed abstract
  • Plaza-Menacho, I; Morandi, A; Mologni, L; Boender, P; Gambacorti-Passerini, C; Magee, AI; Hofstra, RMW; Knowles, P; McDonald, NQ and Isacke, CM (2011)
    Focal adhesion kinase (FAK) binds RET kinase via its FERM domain, priming a direct and reciprocal RET-FAK transactivation mechanism.
    Journal of Biological Chemistry 286, 17292-17302 PubMed abstract
  • Kjær, S; Hanrahan, S; Totty, N and McDonald, NQ (2010)
    Mammal-restricted elements predispose human RET to folding impairment by HSCR mutations.
    Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 17, 726-731 PubMed abstract
  • Mologni, L; Rostagno, R; Brussolo, S; Knowles, PP; Kjaer, S; Murray-Rust, J; Rosso, E; Zambon, A; Scapozza, L; McDonald, NQ; Lucchini, V and Gambacorti-Passerini, C (2010)
    Synthesis, structure-activity relationship and crystallographic studies of 3-substituted indolin-2-one RET inhibitors.
    Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 18, 1482-1496 PubMed abstract

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Neil McDonald
+44 (0)20 379 61958

  • Qualifications and history
  • 1991 PhD in Crystallography, Birkbeck College, UK
  • 1991-1994 Postdoctoral Fellow (Lucille P. Markey Scholar), Columbia University, USA
  • 1994 Established Structural Biology Lab at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, UK
  • 1996 Reader (Associate Professor), Birkbeck College, London, UK
  • 1999 Principal Scientist, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London. (in 2002 the Imperial Cancer Research Fund became London Research Institute, Cancer Research UK)
  • 2006 Professor of Structural Biology, Institute of Structural Molecular Biology, Birkbeck College, London UK
  • 2015 Group Leader, the Francis Crick Institute, London, UK