Francois Guillemot: Publications

  • Nicole, O; Bell, DM; Leste-Lasserre, T; Doat, H; Guillemot, F and Pacary, E (2018)
    A novel role for CAMKIIβ in the regulation of cortical neuron migration: implications for neurodevelopmental disorders.
    Molecular Psychiatry [Epub ahead of print] PubMed abstract
  • Dias, C and Guillemot, F (2017)
    Revealing the inner workings of organoids.
    EMBO Journal 36, 1299-1301 PubMed abstract
  • Díaz-Alonso, J; de Salas-Quiroga, A; Paraíso-Luna, J; García-Rincón, D; Garcez, PP; Parsons, M; Andradas, C; Sánchez, C; Guillemot, F; Guzmán, M and Galve-Roperh, I (2017)
    Loss of cannabinoid CB1 receptors induces cortical migration malformations and increases seizure susceptibility.
    Cerebral Cortex 27, 5303-5317 PubMed abstract
  • Guillemot, F and Hassan, BA (2017)
    Beyond proneural: emerging functions and regulations of proneural proteins.
    Current Opinion in Neurobiology 42, 93-101 PubMed abstract
  • Khan, S; Stott, S; Chabrat, A; Truckenbrodt, AM; Spencer-Dene, B; Nave, K-A; Guillemot, F; Levesque, M and Ang, S-L (2017)
    Survival of a novel subset of midbrain dopaminergic neurons projecting to the lateral septum is dependent on NeuroD proteins.
    Journal of Neuroscience 37, 2305-2316 PubMed abstract
  • Sessa, A; Ciabatti, E; Drechsel, D; Massimino, L; Colasante, G; Giannelli, S; Satoh, T; Akira, S; Guillemot, F and Broccoli, V (2017)
    The Tbr2 molecular network controls cortical neuronal differentiation through complementary genetic and epigenetic pathways.
    Cerebral Cortex 27, 3378-3396 PubMed abstract
  • van den Berg, DLC; Azzarelli, R; Oishi, K; Martynoga, B; Urbán, N; Dekkers, DHW; Demmers, JA and Guillemot, F (2017)
    Nipbl interacts with Zfp609 and the integrator complex to regulate cortical neuron migration.
    Neuron 93, 348-361 PubMed abstract
  • Gillotin, S and Guillemot, F (2016)
    Micro-chromatin immunoprecipation (μChIP) protocol for real-time PCR analysis of a limited amount of cells.
    Bio-Protocol 6, e1846 PubMed abstract
  • Katz, S; Cussigh, D; Urban, N; Blomfield, I; Guillemot, F; Bally-Cuif, L and Coolen, M (2016)
    A nuclear role for miR-9 and Argonaute proteins in balancing quiescent and activated neural stem cell states.
    Cell Reports 17, 1383-1398 PubMed abstract
  • Memic, F; Knoflach, V; Sadler, R; Tegerstedt, G; Sundström, E; Guillemot, F; Pachnis, V and Marklund, U (2016)
    Ascl1 is required for the development of specific neuronal subtypes in the enteric nervous system.
    Journal of Neuroscience 36, 4339-4350 PubMed abstract
  • Pacary, E and Guillemot, F (2016)
    Cerebral cortex electroporation to study projection neuron migration.
    Current Protocols in Neuroscience 77, UNIT 2.26.21-22.26.18 PubMed abstract
  • Urbán, N; van den Berg, DLC; Forget, A; Andersen, J; Demmers, JAA; Hunt, C; Ayrault, O and Guillemot, F (2016)
    Return to quiescence of mouse neural stem cells by degradation of a proactivation protein.
    Science 353, 292-295 PubMed abstract
  • Azzarelli, R; Guillemot, F and Pacary, E (2015)
    Function and regulation of Rnd proteins in cortical projection neuron migration.
    Frontiers in Neuroscience 9, 19 PubMed abstract
  • Garcez, PP; Diaz-Alonso, J; Crespo-Enriquez, I; Castro, D; Bell, D and Guillemot, F (2015)
    Cenpj/CPAP regulates progenitor divisions and neuronal migration in the cerebral cortex downstream of Ascl1.
    Nature Communications 6, 6474 PubMed abstract
  • Heng, JI-T; Qu, Z; Ohtaka-Maruyama, C; Okado, H; Kasai, M; Castro, D; Guillemot, F and Tan, S-S (2015)
    The zinc finger transcription factor RP58 negatively regulates Rnd2 for the control of neuronal migration during cerebral cortical development.
    Cerebral Cortex 25, 806-816 PubMed abstract
  • Heng, YHE; Zhou, B; Harris, L; Harvey, T; Smith, A; Horne, E; Martynoga, B; Andersen, J; Achimastou, A; Cato, K; Richards, LJ; Gronostajski, RM; Yeo, GS; Guillemot, F; Bailey, TL and Piper, M (2015)
    NFIX regulates proliferation and migration within the murine SVZ neurogenic niche.
    Cerebral Cortex 25, 3758-3778 PubMed abstract
  • Masserdotti, G; Gillotin, S; Sutor, B; Drechsel, D; Irmler, M; Jørgensen, HF; Sass, S; Theis, FJ; Beckers, J; Berninger, B; Guillemot, F and Götz, M (2015)
    Transcriptional mechanisms of proneural factors and REST in regulating neuronal reprogramming of astrocytes.
    Cell Stem Cell 17, 74-88 PubMed abstract
  • Mateo, JL; van den Berg, DLC; Haeussler, M; Drechsel, D; Gaber, ZB; Castro, DS; Robson, P; Lu, QR; Crawford, GE; Flicek, P; Ettwiller, L; Wittbrodt, J; Guillemot, F and Martynoga, B (2015)
    Characterization of the neural stem cell gene regulatory network identifies OLIG2 as a multifunctional regulator of self-renewal.
    Genome Research 25, 41-56 PubMed abstract
  • Mistri, TK; Devasia, AG; Chu, LT; Ng, WP; Halbritter, F; Colby, D; Martynoga, B; Tomlinson, SR; Chambers, I; Robson, P and Wohland, T (2015)
    Selective influence of Sox2 on POU transcription factor binding in embryonic and neural stem cells.
    EMBO Reports 16, 1177-1191 PubMed abstract
  • Raposo, AASF; Vasconcelos, FF; Drechsel, D; Marie, C; Johnston, C; Dolle, D; Bithell, A; Gillotin, S; van den Berg, DLC; Ettwiller, L; Flicek, P; Crawford, GE; Parras, CM; Berninger, B; Buckley, NJ; Guillemot, F and Castro, DS (2015)
    Ascl1 coordinately regulates gene expression and the chromatin landscape during neurogenesis.
    Cell Reports 10, 1544-1556 PubMed abstract
  • Wende, C-Z; Zoubaa, S; Blak, A; Echevarria, D; Martinez, S; Guillemot, F; Wurst, W and Guimera, J (2015)
    Hairy/Enhancer-of-split MEGANE and proneural MASH1 factors cooperate synergistically in midbrain GABAergic neurogenesis.
    PLOS ONE 10, e0127681 PubMed abstract
  • Zhou, B; Osinski, JM; Mateo, JL; Martynoga, B; Sim, FJ; Campbell, CE; Guillemot, F; Piper, M and Gronostajski, RM (2015)
    Loss of NFIX transcription factor biases postnatal neural stem/progenitor cells towards oligodendrogenesis.
    Stem Cells and Development 24, 2114-2126 PubMed abstract
  • Andersen, J; Urbán, N; Achimastou, A; Ito, A; Simic, M; Ullom, K; Martynoga, B; Lebel, M; Göritz, C; Frisén, J; Nakafuku, M and Guillemot, F (2014)
    A transcriptional mechanism integrating inputs from extracellular signals to activate hippocampal stem cells.
    Neuron 83, 1085-1097 PubMed abstract
  • Azzarelli, R; Pacary, E; Garg, R; Garcez, P; van den Berg, D; Riou, P; Ridley, AJ; Friedel, RH; Parsons, M and Guillemot, F (2014)
    An antagonistic interaction between PlexinB2 and Rnd3 controls RhoA activity and cortical neuron migration.
    Nature Communications 5, 3405 PubMed abstract
  • Bery, A; Martynoga, B; Guillemot, F; Joly, J-S and Rétaux, S (2014)
    Characterization of enhancers active in the mouse embryonic cerebral cortex suggests Sox/Pou cis-regulatory logics and heterogeneity of cortical progenitors.
    Cerebral Cortex 24, 2822-2834 PubMed abstract
  • Borromeo, MD; Meredith, DM; Castro, DS; Chang, JC; Tung, K-C; Guillemot, F and Johnson, JE (2014)
    A transcription factor network specifying inhibitory versus excitatory neurons in the dorsal spinal cord.
    Development 141, 2803-2812 PubMed abstract
  • Carcagno, AL; Di Bella, DJ; Goulding, M; Guillemot, F and Lanuza, GM (2014)
    Neurogenin3 restricts serotonergic neuron differentiation to the hindbrain.
    Journal of Neuroscience 34, 15223-15233 PubMed abstract
  • Dixit, R; Wilkinson, G; Cancino, GI; Shaker, T; Adnani, L; Li, S; Dennis, D; Kurrasch, D; Chan, JA; Olson, EC; Kaplan, DR; Zimmer, C and Schuurmans, C (2014)
    Neurog1 and Neurog2 control two waves of neuronal differentiation in the piriform cortex.
    Journal of Neuroscience 34, 539-553 PubMed abstract
  • Pacary, E and Guillemot, F (2014)
    In utero electroporation to study mouse brain development.
    Methods in Molecular Biology 1082, 285-293 PubMed abstract
  • Urbán, N and Guillemot, F (2014)
    Neurogenesis in the embryonic and adult brain: same regulators, different roles.
    Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience 8, 396 PubMed abstract
  • Vue, TY; Kim, EJ; Parras, CM; Guillemot, F and Johnson, JE (2014)
    Ascl1 controls the number and distribution of astrocytes and oligodendrocytes in the gray matter and white matter of the spinal cord.
    Development 141, 3721-3731 PubMed abstract
  • Haas, MA; Bell, D; Slender, A; Lana-Elola, E; Watson-Scales, S; Fisher, EMC; Tybulewicz, VLJ and Guillemot, F (2013)
    Alterations to dendritic spine morphology, but not dendrite patterning, of cortical projection neurons in Tc1 and Ts1Rhr mouse models of Down Syndrome.
    PLOS ONE 8, e78561 PubMed abstract
  • Martynoga, B; Mateo, JL; Zhou, B; Andersen, J; Achimastou, A; Urbán, N; van den Berg, D; Georgopoulou, D; Hadjur, S; Wittbrodt, J; Ettwiller, L; Piper, M; Gronostajski, RM and Guillemot, F (2013)
    Epigenomic enhancer annotation reveals a key role for NFIX in neural stem cell quiescence.
    Genes & Development 27, 1769-1786 PubMed abstract
  • Nakatani, H; Martin, E; Hassani, H; Clavairoly, A; Maire, CL; Viadieu, A; Kerninon, C; Delmasure, A; Frah, M; Weber, M; Nakafuku, M; Zalc, B; Thomas, J-L; Guillemot, F; Nait-Oumesmar, B and Parras, C (2013)
    Ascl1/Mash1 promotes brain oligodendrogenesis during myelination and remyelination.
    Journal of Neuroscience 33, 9752-9768 PubMed abstract
  • Pacary, E; Azzarelli, R and Guillemot, F (2013)
    Rnd3 coordinates early steps of cortical neurogenesis through actin-dependent and -independent mechanisms.
    Nature Communications 4, 1635 PubMed abstract
  • Pilz, G-A; Shitamukai, A; Reillo, I; Pacary, E; Schwausch, J; Stahl, R; Ninkovic, J; Snippert, HJ; Clevers, H; Godinho, L; Guillemot, F; Borrell, V; Matsuzaki, F and Gotz, M (2013)
    Amplification of progenitors in the mammalian telencephalon includes a new radial glial cell type.
    Nature Communications 4, 2125 PubMed abstract
  • Sun, W; Hu, X; Lim, MHK; Ng, CKL; Choo, SH; Castro, DS; Drechsel, D; Guillemot, F; Kolatkar, PR; Jauch, R and Prabhakar, S (2013)
    TherMos: estimating protein-DNA binding energies from in vivo binding profiles.
    Nucleic Acids Research 41, 5555-5568 PubMed abstract
  • Vicente, C and Guillemot, F (2013)
    An interview with François Guillemot.
    Development 140, 3497-3498 PubMed abstract
  • Wapinski, OL; Vierbuchen, T; Qu, K; Lee, QY; Chanda, S; Fuentes, DR; Giresi, PG; Ng, YH; Marro, S; Neff, NF; Drechsel, D; Martynoga, B; Castro, DS; Webb, AE; Südhof, TC; Brunet, A; Guillemot, F; Chang, HY and Wernig, M (2013)
    Hierarchical mechanisms for direct reprogramming of fibroblasts to neurons.
    Cell 155, 621-635 PubMed abstract
  • Webb, AE; Pollina, EA; Vierbuchen, T; Urbán, N; Ucar, D; Leeman, DS; Martynoga, B; Sewak, M; Rando, TA; Guillemot, F; Wernig, M and Brunet, A (2013)
    FOXO3 shares common targets with ASCL1 genome-wide and inhibits ASCL1-dependent neurogenesis.
    Cell Reports 4, 477-491 PubMed abstract
  • Dajas-Bailador, F; Bonev, B; Garcez, P; Stanley, P; Guillemot, F and Papalopulu, N (2012)
    microRNA-9 regulates axon extension and branching by targeting Map1b in mouse cortical neurons.
    Nature Neuroscience 15, 697-699 PubMed abstract
  • Diaz-Alonso, J; Aguado, T; Wu, C-S; Palazuelos, J; Hofmann, C; Garcez, P; Guillemot, F; Lu, H-C; Lutz, B; Guzman, M and Galve-Roperh, I (2012)
    The CB1 cannabinoid receptor drives corticospinal motor neuron differentiation through the Ctip2/Satb2 transcriptional regulation axis.
    Journal of Neuroscience 32, 16651-16665 PubMed abstract
  • Hindley, C; Ali, F; McDowell, G; Cheng, K; Jones, A; Guillemot, F and Philpott, A (2012)
    Post-translational modification of Ngn2 differentially affects transcription of distinct targets to regulate the balance between progenitor maintenance and differentiation.
    Development 139, 1718-1723
  • Martynoga, B; Drechsel, D and Guillemot, F (2012)
    Molecular control of neurogenesis: a view from the mammalian cerebral cortex.
    Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology 4, a008359 PubMed abstract
  • Pacary, E; Haas, MA; Wildner, H; Azzarelli, R; Bell, DM; Abrous, DN and Guillemot, F (2012)
    Visualization and genetic manipulation of dendrites and spines in the mouse cerebral cortex and hippocampus using in utero electroporation.
    Journal of Visualized Experiments 65, e4163 PubMed abstract
  • Pacary, E; Martynoga, B and Guillemot, F (2012)
    Crucial first steps: the transcriptional control of neuron delamination.
    Neuron 74, 209-211 PubMed abstract
  • Seibt, J; Armant, O; Le Digarcher, A; Castro, D; Ramesh, V; Journot, L; Guillemot, F; Vanderhaeghen, P and Bouschet, T (2012)
    Expression at the imprinted Dlk1-Gtl2 locus is regulated by proneural genes in the developing telencephalon.
    PLOS ONE 7, e48675 PubMed abstract
  • Alfano, C; Viola, L; Heng, JI; Pirozzi, M; Clarkson, M; Flore, G; De Maio, A; Schedl, A; Guillemot, F and Studer, M (2011)
    COUP-TFI promotes radial migration and proper morphology of callosal projection neurons by repressing Rnd2 expression.
    Development 138, 4685-4697 PubMed abstract
  • Ali, F; Hindley, C; McDowell, G; Deibler, R; Jones, A; Kirschner, M; Guillemot, F and Philpott, A (2011)
    Cell cycle-regulated multi-site phosphorylation of Neurogenin 2 coordinates cell cycling with differentiation during neurogenesis.
    Development 138, 4267-4277 PubMed abstract
  • Banks, GT; Haas, MA; Line, S; Shepherd, HL; AlQatari, M; Stewart, S; Rishal, I; Philpott, A; Kalmar, B; Kuta, A; Groves, M; Parkinson, N; Acevedo-Arozena, A; Brandner, S; Bannerman, D; Greensmith, L; Hafezparast, M; Koltzenburg, M; Deacon, R; Fainzilber, M and Fisher, EMC (2011)
    Behavioral and other phenotypes in a cytoplasmic dynein light intermediate chain 1 mutant mouse.
    Journal of Neuroscience 31, 5483-5494
  • Castro, DS and Guillemot, F (2011)
    Old and new functions of proneural factors revealed by the genome-wide characterization of their transcriptional targets.
    Cell Cycle 10, 4026-4031 PubMed abstract
  • Castro, DS; Martynoga, B; Parras, C; Ramesh, V; Pacary, E; Johnston, C; Drechsel, D; Lebel-Potter, M; Garcia, LG; Hunt, C; Dolle, D; Bithell, A; Ettwiller, L; Buckley, N and Guillemot, F (2011)
    A novel function of the proneural factor Ascl1 in progenitor proliferation identified by genome-wide characterization of its targets.
    Genes & Development 25, 930-945 PubMed abstract
  • Dixit, R; Zimmer, C; Waclaw, RR; Mattar, P; Shaker, T; Kovach, C; Logan, C; Campbell, K; Guillemot, F and Schuurmans, C (2011)
    Ascl1 participates in Cajal-Retzius cell development in the neocortex.
    Cerebral Cortex 21, 2599-2611 PubMed abstract
  • Ferrón, SR; Charalambous, M; Radford, E; McEwen, K; Wildner, H; Hind, E; Morante-Redolat, JM; Laborda, J; Guillemot, F; Bauer, SR; Fariñas, I and Ferguson-Smith, AC (2011)
    Postnatal loss of Dlk1 imprinting in stem cells and niche astrocytes regulates neurogenesis.
    Nature 475, 381-385 PubMed abstract
  • Guillemot, F and Zimmer, C (2011)
    From cradle to grave: the multiple roles of fibroblast growth factors in neural development.
    Neuron 71, 574-588 PubMed abstract
  • Hämmerle, B; Ulin, E; Guimera, J; Becker, W; Guillemot, F and Tejedor, FJ (2011)
    Transient expression of Mnb/Dyrk1a couples cell cycle exit and differentiation of neuronal precursors by inducing p27KIP1 expression and suppressing NOTCH signaling.
    Development 138, 2543-2554
  • Marteau, L; Pacary, E; Valable, S; Bernaudin, M; Guillemot, F and Petit, E (2011)
    Angiopoietin-2 regulates cortical neurogenesis in the developing telencephalon.
    Cerebral Cortex 21, 1695-1702 PubMed abstract
  • Onorati, M; Binetti, M; Conti, L; Camnasio, S; Calabrese, G; Albieri, I; Di Febo, F; Toselli, M; Biella, G; Martynoga, B; Guillemot, F; Consalez, GG and Cattaneo, E (2011)
    Preservation of positional identity in fetus-derived neural stem (NS) cells from different mouse central nervous system compartments.
    Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 68, 1769-1783 PubMed abstract
  • Pacary, E; Heng, J; Azzarelli, R; Riou, P; Castro, D; Lebel-Potter, M; Parras, C; Bell, DM; Ridley, AJ; Parsons, M and Guillemot, F (2011)
    Proneural transcription factors regulate different steps of cortical neuron migration through Rnd-mediated inhibition of RhoA signaling.
    Neuron 69, 1069-1084 PubMed abstract
  • Pelling, M; Anthwal, N; McNay, D; Gradwohl, G; Leiter, AB; Guillemot, F and Ang, SL (2011)
    Differential requirements for neurogenin 3 in the development of POMC and NPY neurons in the hypothalamus.
    Developmental Biology 349, 406-416 PubMed abstract
  • Spella, M; Kyrousi, C; Kritikou, E; Stathopoulou, A; Guillemot, F; Kioussis, D; Pachnis, V; Lygerou, Z and Taraviras, S (2011)
    Geminin regulates cortical progenitor proliferation and differentiation.
    Stem Cells 29, 1269-1282 PubMed abstract
  • Sudarov, A; Turnbull, RK; Kim, EJ; Lebel-Potter, M; Guillemot, F and Joyner, AL (2011)
    Ascl1 genetics reveals insights into cerebellum local circuit assembly.
    Journal of Neuroscience 31, 11055-11069
  • Winpenny, E; Lebel-Potter, M; Fernandez, ME; Brill, MS; Gotz, M; Guillemot, F and Raineteau, O (2011)
    Sequential generation of olfactory bulb glutamatergic neurons by Neurog2-expressing precursor cells.
    Neural Development 6, 12 PubMed abstract
  • Xie, Z; Chen, Y; Li, Z; Bai, G; Zhu, Y; Yan, R; Tan, F; Chen, YG; Guillemot, F; Li, L and Jing, N (2011)
    Smad6 promotes neuronal differentiation in the intermediate zone of the dorsal neural tube by inhibition of the Wnt/β-catenin pathway.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 108, 12119-11212 PubMed abstract
  • Coppola, E; Rallu, M; Richard, J; Dufour, S; Riethmacher, D; Guillemot, F; Goridis, C and Brunet, J-F (2010)
    Epibranchial ganglia orchestrate the development of the cranial neurogenic crest.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 107, 2066-2071 PubMed abstract
  • Godin, JD; Colombo, K; Molina-Calavita, M; Keryer, G; Zala, D; Charrin, BC; Dietrich, P; Volvert, ML; Guillemot, F; Dragatsis, I; Bellaiche, Y; Saudou, F; Nguyen, L and Humbert, S (2010)
    Huntingtin is required for mitotic spindle orientation and mammalian neurogenesis.
    Neuron 67, 392-406 PubMed abstract
  • Guillemot, F and Hobert, O (2010)
    Current Opinion in Neurobiology 20, 2-5 PubMed abstract
  • Sergaki, MC; Guillemot, F and Matsas, R (2010)
    Impaired cerebellar development and deficits in motor coordination in mice lacking the neuronal protein BM88/Cend1.
    Molecular and Cellular Neurosciences 44, 15-29 PubMed abstract
  • Sheng, N; Xie, Z; Wang, C; Bai, G; Zhang, K; Zhu, Q; Song, J; Guillemot, F; Chen, YG; Lin, A and Jing, N (2010)
    Retinoic acid regulates bone morphogenic protein signal duration by promoting the degradation of phosphorylated Smad1.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 107, 18886-18891 PubMed abstract
  • Zimmer, C; Lee, J; Griveau, A; Arber, S; Pierani, A; Garel, S and Guillemot, F (2010)
    Role of Fgf8 signalling in the specification of rostral Cajal-Retzius cells.
    Development 137, 293-302 PubMed abstract

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Francois Guillemot
+44 (0)20 379 61458

  • Qualifications and history
  • 1989 PhD Institut d'Embryologie du CNRS, Paris, France
  • 1989-1991 Postdoctoral fellow Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA
  • 1991-1994 Postdoctoral fellow Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Canada
  • 1994 Group Leader, IGBMC, Strasbourg, France
  • 2002 Group Leader, Medical Research Council National Institute for Medical Research, London, UK
  • 2015 Group Leader, the Francis Crick Institute, London, UK