Jeremy Carlton: Publications

  • Carlton, JG and Kornmann, B (2018)
    Organelle morphogenesis, targeting, and distribution.
    Molecular Biology of the Cell 29, 692-693 PubMed abstract
  • Gutierrez, MG and Carlton, JG (2018)
    ESCRTs offer repair service.
    Science 360, 33-34 PubMed abstract
  • Stoten, CL and Carlton, JG (2018)
    ESCRT-dependent control of membrane remodelling during cell division.
    Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology 74, 50-65 PubMed abstract
  • Terry, SJ; Donà, F; Osenberg, P; Carlton, JG and Eggert, US (2018)
    Capping protein regulates actin dynamics during cytokinetic midbody maturation.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 115, 2138-2143 PubMed abstract
  • Zihni, C; Vlassaks, E; Terry, S; Carlton, J; Leung, TKC; Olson, M; Pichaud, F; Balda, MS and Matter, K (2017)
    An apical MRCK-driven morphogenetic pathway controls epithelial polarity.
    Nature Cell Biology 19, 1049-1060 PubMed abstract
  • Olmos, Y and Carlton, JG (2016)
    The ESCRT machinery: new roles at new holes.
    Current Opinion in Cell Biology 38, 1-11 PubMed abstract
  • Olmos, Y; Perdrix-Rosell, A and Carlton, JG (2016)
    Membrane binding by CHMP7 coordinates ESCRT-III-dependent nuclear envelope reformation.
    Current Biology 26, 2635-2641 PubMed abstract
  • Pike, T; Brownlow, N; Kjaer, S; Carlton, J and Parker, PJ (2016)
    PKCε switches Aurora B specificity to exit the abscission checkpoint.
    Nature Communications 7, 13853 PubMed abstract
  • Caballe, A; Wenzel, DM; Agromayor, M; Alam, SL; Skalicky, JJ; Kloc, M; Carlton, JG; Labrador, L; Sundquist, WI and Martin-Serrano, J (2015)
    ULK3 regulates cytokinetic abscission by phosphorylating ESCRT-III proteins.
    eLife 4, e06547 PubMed abstract
  • Olmos, Y; Hodgson, L; Mantell, J; Verkade, P and Carlton, JG (2015)
    ESCRT-III controls nuclear envelope reformation.
    Nature 522, 236-239 PubMed abstract
  • Danson, C; Brown, E; Hemmings, OJ; McGough, IJ; Yarwood, S; Heesom, KJ; Carlton, JG; Martin-Serrano, J; May, MT; Verkade, P and Cullen, PJ (2013)
    SNX15 links clathrin endocytosis to the PtdIns3P early endosome independently of the APPL1 endosome.
    Journal of Cell Science 126, 4885-4899 PubMed abstract
  • Carlton, JG; Caballe, A; Agromayor, M; Kloc, M and Martin-Serrano, J (2012)
    ESCRT-III governs the Aurora B-mediated abscission checkpoint through CHMP4C.
    Science 336, 220-225 PubMed abstract
  • Cullen, PJ and Carlton, JG (2012)
    Phosphoinositides in the mammalian endo-lysosomal network.
    Subcellular Biochemistry 59, 65-110 PubMed abstract

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