Jeremy Carlton: Biography

I obtained a B.A. in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and then a Ph.D from the University of Bristol, under the direction of Prof Pete Cullen. During this time, I examined membrane trafficking pathways regulated by the phosphoinositide-binding family of Sorting Nexins. After my Ph.D, I moved to the laboratory of Prof Juan Martin-Serrano in the Infectious Diseases department of King's College London to examine how the ESCRT-machinery is hijacked by HIV-1 to allow its release from infected cells. Here, as a Beit Memorial Fellow for Medical Research, I described a novel and unexpected role for the ESCRT-machinery in cytokinesis and characterised the involvement of ESCRT-III proteins in an Aurora-B regulated abscission checkpoint.

After my postdoc, I moved to the Division of Cancer Studies at King's College London as a Wellcome Trust Research Career Development Fellow. In my new lab, we continue our focus on membrane trafficking machineries and have described a novel role for the ESCRT-machinery in rebuilding the nuclear envelope during cell division.

In 2016, I will move to the Francis Crick institute to further our studies on membrane remodelling during cell division

Jeremy Carlton
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