Dinis Calado: Publications

  • Frye, M; Taddei, A; Dierkes, C; Martinez-Corral, I; Fielden, M; Ortsäter, H; Kazenwadel, J; Calado, DP; Ostergaard, P; Salminen, M; He, L; Harvey, NL; Kiefer, F and Mäkinen, T (2018)
    Matrix stiffness controls lymphatic vessel formation through regulation of a GATA2-dependent transcriptional program.
    Nature Communications 9, 1511 PubMed abstract
  • Morini, MF; Giampietro, C; Corada, M; Pisati, F; Lavarone, E; Cunha, SI; Conze, LL; O'Reilly, N; Joshi, D; Kjaer, S; George, R; Nye, E; Ma, A; Jin, J; Mitter, R; Lupia, M; Cavallaro, U; Pasini, D; Calado, DP; Dejana, E and Taddei, A (2018)
    VE-cadherin-mediated epigenetic regulation of endothelial gene expression.
    Circulation Research 122, 231-245 PubMed abstract
  • Pyrzynska, B; Dwojak, M; Zerrouqi, A; Morlino, G; Zapala, P; Miazek, N; Zagozdzon, A; Bojarczuk, K; Bobrowicz, M; Siernicka, M; Machnicki, MM; Gobessi, S; Barankiewicz, J; Lech-Maranda, E; Efremov, DG; Juszczynski, P; Calado, D; Golab, J and Winiarska, M (2018)
    FOXO1 promotes resistance of non-Hodgkin lymphomas to anti-CD20-based therapy.
    Oncoimmunology 7, e1423183 PubMed abstract
  • Dwojak, M; Pyrzynska, B; Zerrouqi, A; Morlino, G; Zapala, P; Miazek, N; Bojarczuk, K; Bobrowicz, M; Machnicki, M; Golab, J; Calado, D and Winiarska, M (2017)
    FOXO1 control CD20 expression and influence B-cell lymphoma response to rituximab-based immunotherapy.
    Haematologica 102, 13-14, Abstract no. S125
  • Lattke, M; Reichel, SN; Magnutzki, A; Abaei, A; Rasche, V; Walther, P; Calado, DP; Ferger, B; Wirth, T and Baumann, B (2017)
    Transient IKK2 activation in astrocytes initiates selective non-cell-autonomous neurodegeneration.
    Molecular Neurodegeneration 12, 16 PubMed abstract
  • Nakagawa, R (2017)
    Germinal center formation with retrovirally transduced B cells for determining the role of specific molecules in vivo.
    Methods in Molecular Biology 1623, 147-158 PubMed abstract
  • Sánchez-Díaz, R; Blanco-Dominguez, R; Lasarte, S; Tsilingiri, K; Martín-Gayo, E; Linillos-Pradillo, B; de la Fuente, H; Sánchez-Madrid, F; Nakagawa, R; Toribio, ML and Martín, P (2017)
    Thymus-derived regulatory T cell development is regulated by C-type-lectin-mediated BIC/microRNA 155 expression.
    Molecular and Cellular Biology 37, e00341-00316 PubMed abstract
  • Brown, PJ; Gascoyne, DM; Lyne, L; Spearman, H; Felce, SL; McFadden, N; Chakravarty, P; Barrans, S; Lynham, S; Calado, DP; Ward, M and Banham, AH (2016)
    N-terminally truncated FOXP1 protein expression and alternate internal FOXP1 promoter usage in normal and malignant B cells.
    Haematologica 101, 861-871 PubMed abstract
  • Coffre, M; Benhamou, D; Rieß, D; Blumenberg, L; Snetkova, V; Hines, MJ; Chakraborty, T; Bajwa, S; Jensen, K; Chong, MMW; Getu, L; Silverman, GJ; Blelloch, R; Littman, DR; Calado, D; Melamed, D; Skok, JA; Rajewsky, K and Koralov, SB (2016)
    miRNAs are essential for the regulation of the PI3K/AKT/FOXO pathway and receptor editing during B cell maturation.
    Cell Reports 17, 2271-2285 PubMed abstract
  • Eswaran, J; Sinclair, P; Heidenreich, O; Irving, J; Russell, LJ; Hall, A; Calado, DP; Harrison, CJ and Vormoor, J (2015)
    The pre-B-cell receptor checkpoint in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.
    Leukemia 29, 1623-1631 PubMed abstract
  • Sander, S; Chu, VT; Yasuda, T; Franklin, A; Graf, R; Calado, DP; Li, S; Imami, K; Selbach, M; Di Virgilio, M; Bullinger, L and Rajewsky, K (2015)
    PI3 kinase and FOXO1 transcription factor activity differentially control B cells in the germinal center light and dark zones.
    Immunity 43, 1075-1086 PubMed abstract
  • Zhang, B; Calado, DP; Wang, Z; Fröhler, S; Köchert, K; Qian, Y; Koralov, SB; Schmidt-Supprian, M; Sasaki, Y; Unitt, C; Rodig, S; Chen, W; Dalla-Favera, R; Alt, FW; Pasqualucci, L and Rajewsky, K (2015)
    An oncogenic role for alternative NF-κB signaling in DLBCL revealed upon deregulated BCL6 expression.
    Cell Reports 11, 715-726 PubMed abstract
  • Calado, DP; Sasaki, Y; Godinho, SA; Pellerin, A; Kochert, K; Sleckman, BP; de Alborán, IM; Janz, M; Rodig, S and Rajewsky, K (2012)
    The cell-cycle regulator c-Myc is essential for the formation and maintenance of germinal centers.
    Nature Immunology 13, 1092-1100 PubMed abstract
  • Sander, S; Calado, DP; Srinivasan, L; Köchert, K; Zhang, B; Rosolowski, M; Rodig, SJ; Holzmann, K; Stilgenbauer, S; Siebert, R; Bullinger, L and Rajewsky, K (2012)
    Synergy between PI3K signaling and MYC in Burkitt lymphomagenesis.
    Cancer Cell 22, 167-179 PubMed abstract
  • Wesemann, DR; Magee, JM; Boboila, C; Calado, DP; Gallagher, MP; Portuguese, AJ; Manis, JP; Zhou, X; Recher, M; Rajewsky, K; Notarangelo, LD and Alt, FW (2011)
    Immature B cells preferentially switch to IgE with increased direct Sμ to Sε recombination.
    Journal of Experimental Medicine 208, 2733-2746 PubMed abstract
  • Calado, DP; Zhang, B; Srinivasan, L; Sasaki, Y; Seagal, J; Unitt, C; Rodig, S; Kutok, J; Tarakhovsky, A; Schmidt-Supprian, M and Rajewsky, K (2010)
    Constitutive canonical NF-κB activation cooperates with disruption of BLIMP1 in the pathogenesis of activated B cell-like diffuse large cell lymphoma.
    Cancer Cell 18, 580-589 PubMed abstract
  • Neves, P; Lampropoulou, V; Calderon-Gomez, E; Roch, T; Stervbo, U; Shen, P; Kühl, AA; Loddenkemper, C; Haury, M; Nedospasov, SA; Kaufmann, SHE; Steinhoff, U; Calado, DP and Fillatreau, S (2010)
    Signaling via the MyD88 adaptor protein in B cells suppresses protective immunity during Salmonella typhimurium infection.
    Immunity 33, 777-790 PubMed abstract

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Dinis Calado

Dinis Calado

+44 (0)20 379 61205

  • Qualifications and history
  • 2006 PhD in Molecular Immunology, University of Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2006 Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School, USA
  • 2010 Special Fellow of the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Harvard Medical School, USA
  • 2013 Establish lab at the London Research Institute, Cancer Research UK
  • 2015 Group Leader, the Francis Crick Institute, London, UK