Dimitrios Anastasiou: Publications

  • Anastasiou, D (2017)
    Tumour microenvironment factors shaping the cancer metabolism landscape.
    British Journal of Cancer 116, 277-286 PubMed abstract
  • Gehrig, S; Macpherson, JA; Driscoll, PC; Symon, A; Martin, SR; MacRae, JI; Kleinjung, J; Fraternali, F and Anastasiou, D (2017)
    An engineered photoswitchable mammalian pyruvate kinase.
    FEBS Journal 284, 2955-2980 PubMed abstract
  • Gupta, A; Anjomani-Virmouni, S; Koundouros, N; Dimitriadi, M; Choo-Wing, R; Valle, A; Zheng, Y; Chiu, Y-H; Agnihotri, S; Zadeh, G; Asara, JM; Anastasiou, D; Arends, MJ; Cantley, LC and Poulogiannis, G (2017)
    PARK2 depletion connects energy and oxidative stress to PI3K/Akt activation via PTEN S-nitrosylation.
    Molecular Cell 65, 999-1013 e1017 PubMed abstract
  • Macpherson, JA and Anastasiou, D (2017)
    Allosteric regulation of metabolism in cancer: endogenous mechanisms and considerations for drug design.
    Current Opinion in Biotechnology 48, 102-110 PubMed abstract
  • Anastasiou, D (2016)
    Hippo's Q for a big liver.
    Nature Cell Biology 18, 835-837 PubMed abstract
  • Azuelos, I; Selvarajah, B; Forty, E; Plate, M; Anastasiou, D; Mercer, P and Chambers, R (2016)
    Glucose uptake in Tgfβ-induced fibroblast differentiation.
    American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 193, A73, Meeting Abstract A2413
  • Gabrysova, L; Mann, EH; Whicher, C; Bradley, L; MacRae, JI; Hawrylowicz, CM; Anastasiou, D and O'Garra, A (2016)
    Glycosylation-dependent modulation of the LL-2 signaling axis determines Th17 differentiation and IL-10 production.
    Cytokine 87, 99-100, Poster P093
  • Grimm, F; Fets, L and Anastasiou, D (2016)
    Gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (GC-MS) to study metabolism in cultured cells.
    Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 899, 59-88 PubMed abstract
  • Sumita, K; Lo, Y-H; Takeuchi, K; Senda, M; Kofuji, S; Ikeda, Y; Terakawa, J; Sasaki, M; Yoshino, H; Majd, N; Zheng, Y; Kahoud, ER; Yokota, T; Emerling, BM; Asara, JM; Ishida, T; Locasale, JW; Daikoku, T; Anastasiou, D; Senda, T and Sasaki, AT (2016)
    The lipid kinase PI5P4Kβ is an intracellular GTP sensor for metabolism and tumorigenesis.
    Molecular Cell 61, 187-198 PubMed abstract
  • Sumita, K; Yoshino, H; Sasaki, M; Majd, N; Kahoud, ER; Takahashi, H; Takeuchi, K; Kuroda, T; Lee, S; Charest, PG; Takeda, K; Asara, JM; Firtel, RA; Anastasiou, D and Sasaki, AT (2014)
    Degradation of activated K-Ras orthologue via K-Ras-specific lysine residues is required for cytokinesis.
    Journal of Biological Chemistry 289, 3950-3959 PubMed abstract
  • Anastasiou, D (2013)
    Metformin: a case of divide and conquer.
    Breast Cancer Research 15, 306 PubMed abstract
  • Fets, L and Anastasiou, D (2013)
    p73 keeps metabolic control in the family.
    Nature Cell Biology 15, 891-893 PubMed abstract
  • Anastasiou, D and Cantley, LC (2012)
    Breathless cancer cells get fat on glutamine.
    Cell Research 22, 443-446 PubMed abstract
  • Anastasiou, D; Yu, Y; Israelsen, WJ; Jiang, JK; Boxer, MB; Hong, BS; Tempel, W; Dimov, S; Shen, M; Jha, A; Yang, H; Mattaini, KR; Metallo, CM; Fiske, BP; Courtney, KD; Malstrom, S; Khan, TM; Kung, C; Skoumbourdis, AP; Veith, H; Southall, N; Walsh, MJ; Brimacombe, KR; Leister, W; Lunt, SY; Johnson, ZR; Yen, KE; Kunii, K; Davidson, SM; Christofk, HR; Austin, CP; Inglese, J; Harris, MH; Asara, JM; Stephanopoulos, G; Salituro, FG; Jin, S; Dang, L; Auld, DS; Park, HW; Cantley, LC; Thomas, CJ and Vander Heiden, MG (2012)
    Pyruvate kinase M2 activators promote tetramer formation and suppress tumorigenesis.
    Nature Chemical Biology 8, 839-847 PubMed abstract
  • Garcia-Cao, I; Song, Min S; Hobbs, Robin M; Laurent, G; Giorgi, C; de Boer, Vincent CJ; Anastasiou, D; Ito, K; Sasaki, Atsuo T; Rameh, L; Carracedo, A; Vander Heiden, Matthew G; Cantley, Lewis C; Pinton, P; Haigis, Marcia C and Pandolfi, Pier P (2012)
    Systemic elevation of PTEN induces a tumor-suppressive metabolic state.
    Cell 149, 49-62 PubMed abstract
  • Kalaitzidis, D; Sykes, Stephen M; Wang, Z; Punt, N; Tang, Y; Ragu, C; Sinha, Amit U; Lane, Steven W; Souza, Amanda L; Clish, Clary B; Anastasiou, D; Gilliland, DG; Scadden, David T; Guertin, David A and Armstrong, Scott A (2012)
    mTOR complex 1 plays critical roles in hematopoiesis and Pten-loss-evoked leukemogenesis.
    Cell Stem Cell 11, 429-439 PubMed abstract
  • Lyssiotis, CA; Anastasiou, D; Locasale, JW; Vander Heiden, MG; Christofk, HR and Cantley, LC (2012)
    Cellular control mechanisms that regulate pyruvate kinase M2 activity and promote cancer growth .
    Biomedical Research 23, SI 213-217
  • Anastasiou, D; Poulogiannis, G; Asara, JM; Boxer, MB; Jiang, J-K; Shen, M; Bellinger, G; Sasaki, AT; Locasale, JW; Auld, DS; Thomas, CJ; Vander Heiden, MG and Cantley, LC (2011)
    Inhibition of pyruvate kinase M2 by reactive oxygen species contributes to cellular antioxidant responses.
    Science 334, 1278-1283 PubMed abstract
  • Locasale, JW; Grassian, AR; Melman, T; Lyssiotis, CA; Mattaini, KR; Bass, AJ; Heffron, G; Metallo, CM; Muranen, T; Sharfi, H; Sasaki, AT; Anastasiou, D; Mullarky, E; Vokes, NI; Sasaki, M; Beroukhim, R; Stephanopoulos, G; Ligon, AH; Meyerson, M; Richardson, AL; Chin, L; Wagner, G; Asara, JM; Brugge, JS; Cantley, LC and Vander Heiden, MG (2011)
    Phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase diverts glycolytic flux and contributes to oncogenesis.
    Nature Genetics 43, 869-874 PubMed abstract
  • Sasaki, AT; Carracedo, A; Locasale, JW; Anastasiou, D; Takeuchi, K; Kahoud, ER; Haviv, S; Asara, JM; Pandolfi, PP and Cantley, LC (2011)
    Ubiquitination of K-Ras enhances activation and facilitates binding to select downstream effectors.
    Science Signaling 4, ra13 PubMed abstract

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  • Qualifications and history
  • 2001 BSc Molecular Biology, University College London, UK
  • 2006 PhD in Biochemistry, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland
  • 2007 Post-doctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA
  • 2012 Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA
  • 2012 Group Leader, Medical Research Council National Institute for Medical Research, London, UK
  • 2015 Group Leader, the Francis Crick Institute, London, UK