Science news: 2011

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Alarm signal protects the body from cancer-causing damage

Scientists have found a way the body detects harmful toxins and destroys them before they cause widespread damage.
01 December 2011

Why eating your greens is good for you

Research published in Cell shows that nutrients in cruciferous vegetables – such as broccoli – help to ensure a good balance of bacteria in the skin and intestine.
13 October 2011

Translation, Technology Transfer and Innovation

The Francis Crick Institute has identified key factors to successful translation, technology transfer and innovation.
11 August 2011

Prioritising brain over body

New research has shed light on how the growth of the brain is protected over other organs during periods of starvation
05 August 2011

NIMR scientists identify key antibody in stopping flu

Scientists at NIMR have identified and characterized an antibody that targets all of the strains of a type of influenza that is dangerous to humans
28 July 2011

Royal Society announces 2011 award winners

The Francis Crick Institute congratulates the winners of this year’s Royal Society Awards, Medals and Prize Lectures.
20 July 2011

UCL awards Neuroscience early career prize to NIMR postdoctoral student

Rita Sousa Nunes, from NIMR’s Division of Developmental Neurobiology, has been recognised with the UCL Neuroscience Early Career Prize in its first year
18 July 2011

Two of the Royal Society's 44 new fellows closely linked to UKCMRI

Sir Mark Walport and Dr Steve Gamblin have been elected to the fellowship of the national academy of science.
20 May 2011

Gold award for research

Groundbreaking research that may have important implications for liver cancer treatment has secured a prestigious award for a Cancer Research UK scientist.
20 April 2011

UKCMRI founders provide some of the best places in the world for postdoctoral scientists to work

A survey by the American magazine The Scientist has placed UCL (University College London) and NIMR as among the best institutions in the world to be a postdoc.
01 March 2011

Startling views of science and research at the Wellcome Collection

Striking images from laboratories at UCL and Cancer Research UK’s London Research Institute are among the winning entries in this year’s Wellcome Image Awards on show at the Wellcome Collection in London.
24 February 2011