Crick Chat on tissue engineering: a multi-disciplinary approach

19 May 2016

Crick Chat on tissue engineering

Image: Crick Chat on tissue engineering

Our Crick Chat at Central Saint Martins, was a bit special: we didn't just hear from scientists working at the front-line of biomedical research, but also a designer.

James Briscoe, Group Leader at the Francis Crick Institute, Lucy di Silvio, Division Head of Tissue Engineering and Biophotonics at King's College London and Amy Congdon, a PhD student at Central Saint Martins are all working in the field of tissue engineering.

Growing biological tissue in the lab is no longer a sci-fi dream. It's helping to unravel the mysteries of how our bodies develop and making regenerative medicine and the production of living materials a realistic option.

In their lively and fascinating discussion, James, Lucy and Amy shared how their multidisciplinary approaches to tissue engineering are providing new insights, and debated with the audience what the implications of this emerging field might be.

There were plenty of opportunities to ask questions, chat informally with the researchers and even take part in a quick-fire quiz.

Crick Chats are free and open to all. The next one will take place during the MRC 'Changing Lives Festival' in June. Keep an eye on our events page for more details, coming soon. 

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