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Showcase your research at Science Museum 'Late'

Interested in public engagement? Applications are now open for researchers at the Crick's six partner organisations to run activities at a Science Museum Late event in Feb 2014
09 October 2013

Crick’s Director receives Albert Einstein World Award of Science

Sir Paul Nurse will today receive The World Cultural Council’s Albert Einstein World Award of Science.
01 October 2013

Applications open for Crick-LRI and Crick-NIMR PhD Programmes

The new Crick-LRI and Crick-NIMR PhD programmes will launch in 2014
01 October 2013

LRI Scientist awarded 2013 Paul Marks Prize for Cancer Research

Congratulations to Simon Boulton from LRI, who's based at Clare Hall, for being awarded the 2013 Paul Marks Prize for Cancer Research by the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.
30 September 2013

Crick Postdoc Retreat

On the 20th May 2013, the 2nd Francis Crick Institute Postdoc Retreat took place at the British Library with the theme of 'Science and Society'.
28 June 2013

Science and Story

Children and their families from Somers Town have been busy producing illustrations for books telling a Crick-related story.
12 June 2013

Strategy launched at Crick Topping Out Ceremony

The Crick unveiled its strategy today, as a topping out ceremony was held to celebrate the completion of the highest construction point of the institute’s new building.
06 June 2013

New Fellows of the Royal Society elected

The Royal Society has elected 44 new Fellows, including several from the scientific and academic organisations that will form the Francis Crick Institute.
08 May 2013

Crick Director of Research awarded Waddington Medal

Jim Smith, Director of Research at the Francis Crick Institute and Director of the Medical Research Council’s National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), has been awarded the Waddington Medal by the British Society for Developmental Biology.
19 March 2013