Education programme makes the grade

The Crick's contribution to the local community has been recognised at the 2017 Camden Business Awards, where we won the Knowledge Partnership award for investment in education and building young people’s career ambitions.
12 December 2017

Crick African Network workshop in Uganda

The Francis Crick Institute and the UVRI are inviting applications for a new training workshop on research methods, provided through the capacity development component of the Crick African Network.
12 December 2017

Cancer-causing mutation suppresses immune system around tumours

Mutations in ‘Ras’ genes, which drive 25% of human cancers by causing tumour cells to grow, multiply and spread, can also protect cancer cells from the immune system
12 December 2017

Crick prize for translation awarded to electron microscopy team

We have awarded our flagship prize for scientists who have successfully translated knowledge from fundamental research into tangible health and economic benefit.
08 December 2017

New TB drugs possible with understanding of old antibiotic

Tuberculosis, and other life-threatening microbial diseases, could be more effectively tackled with future drugs, thanks to new research into an old antibiotic.
05 December 2017