Social Mobility Foundation






Ages 16-19 years only

The Crick offers work experience placements through the Social Mobility Foundation on their APP City programme. Placements last for one or two weeks, take place during the 2018 summer holidays, and are only open to students in Year 12 of their studies. Additional application criteria apply. In addition to the work experience placement, students are offered considerable additional support e.g. mentoring and skills workshops.

Applications for 2017-18 placements are now open.

To ensure applications are of a high quality and therefore more likely to be successful, it is advised that students and teachers refer to the following information on the Social Mobility Foundation's website:

To make an application, students must first register with the Social Mobility Foundation at their website. On doing so, students should select the 'APP City' programme. Having registered, students will be taken directly to the application form.

The registration and application page can be found here.

Successful recruitment to the APP City programme does not guarantee that students will receive a placement at the Crick. If not, however, it is likely that it will result in a placement at another quality organisation.

Should applicants for placements at the Crick through the Social Mobility Foundation have any questions, please contact the Social Mobility Foundation at:


T:    0207 183 1189

The deadline for applications is 4th December 2017.

Good luck!

  • The Crick would encourage all eligible students to apply for a placement through the Social Mobility Foundation or Nuffield Foundation.
  • The programmes offered by these organisations are extensive and offer significant support in addition to the work experience placement itself.