PhD positions by Supervisor

Applications for these positions are now closed.

Dimitrios Anastasiou | The role of hepatic cell metabolism in liver regeneration and liver cancer 

Dimitrios Anastasiou & Saeed Shoaie  | Combined computational and mouse models to identify novel therapeutic targets for liver cancer

Patricia Barral & Franca Fraternali | Understanding the immune cell-microbiota crosstalk in health and disease

James Briscoe & Christopher Shaw | Neurodevelopmental characterisation of a novel cytoplasmic RNA binding protein mutated in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

James Briscoe & Robin Lovell-Badge | Normal and disturbed gene regulatory networks in neural stem cells and brain tumours

Dinis Calado | Interplay between immunity and cancer development

Luiz Pedro Carvalho & Edina Rosta | Computational and experimental dissection of divergently evolved enzymes

John Diffley | Mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance during DNA replication

Eva Frickel | Immune-mediated killing of toxoplasma gondii in stem cell derived macrophages

Francois Guillemot & Deepak Srivastava | Studying the role of the BAF chromatin remodelling complex in intellectual disability using human induced pluripotent stem cells

Francois Guillemot & Simona Parrinello | Regulation of stem cell quiescence in normal neurogenesis and brain cancer

Robin Lovell-Badge | Regulatory mechanisms responsible for the maintenance of granulosa and ovarian cell fate

Nicholas Luscombe Computational approaches to analyze genomic function

Neil McDonald | Identification and characterisation of new GDNF signalling modulators

Paul Nurse | Global cellular controls in eukaryotic cells

Vassilis Pachnis | Cellular and molecular mechanisms of enteric nervous system regeneration

Vassilis Pachnis & Reimer Kühn | Modelling of cell differentiation in the enteric nervous system

Lucia Prieto-Godino | Evolution of neural circuits

Caetano Reis e Sousa | Innate immunity and dendritic cells

Peter Rosenthal | Structural analysis of organelle structure and dynamics in situ by electron cryomicroscopy

Silvia Santos | From clocks to dominoes: cell cycle control principles during developmental transitions

Paola Scaffidi | Epigenetic mechanisms of cancer development

Martin Singleton | Structural biology of chromosome segregation

Pontus Skoglund | Evolutionary genomics of the human past 

Steve Smerdon | Molecular recognition in the DNA-damage dependent phospho-interactome

Jesper Svejstrup | Multi-omic analysis of the transcription-related DNA damage response

Charles Swanton | Deciphering cancer evolution and immune evasion in four dimensions

Pavel Tolar | Cancers with a sweet tooth: probing the role of B cell receptor-lectin interactions in human lymphomas

Richard Treisman | RPEL proteins, actin dynamics, and cytoskeletal regulation

Frank Uhlmann | The molecular mechanism of chromosome segregation

Jean-Paul Vincent & Ed Tate | A chemical biology approach to target protein lipidation in development and neurodegenerative disease

Folkert van Werven | Regulation of gene expression by transcription of long non-coding RNAs

Stephen West | Assembly of macromolecular complexes for DNA repair

David Wilkinson | Mechanisms of tissue organisation by Eph receptor and ephrin signaling